Army Leadership Model Requirements


Throughout BLC, I learned about the army requirements leadership model that I can take with me to my home station. I feel I will be a better leader. I will be able to help my soldiers and communicate with them to make sure they can be all they can be. I will be someone they can look up to by being a positive example. The army leadership requirements model is important to me because it shows the attributes of a leader, the competencies of a leader, and is applicable to all I do as a leader.

The attributes of a leader are character, presence, and intellect. Having good character as a leader is important because if I cannot always be a good soldier and leader even if no one is looking then how do I expect my soldiers to do so. Character means to me you have set values that align with the army values and you always live by them.

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Presence is important because when I am in a room I want to show confidence and for other soldiers to look at as a positive example. With presence, soldiers know with you they feel they can pull through the hardest times. Intellect is a necessity so when hard times come soldiers can come to me and together we can overcome any problem. You also have to have the intellect to know that when a soldier asks a question you can answer it whether it be about your job or some other difficulty.

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Competencies of a good leader are leads, develops, and achieves. Leads to me means soldiers can trust in your decisions and are willing to follow through. Leads is something you cannot do if you lose your followership’s trust. Develops is something every good leader needs. To develop a soldier to be able to do task without a leader is vital. If you cannot rely on your followership and develop them to a point where they do not need you, neither of you can progress. As a leader, you need to be able to achieve. If you are not achieving your goals, how can your soldiers count on you to help them achieve their goals?

I will be able to apply the army’s leadership requirement model to just about everything I do. When I counsel a soldier I will be able to use develops to make sure my soldiers are becoming the best they can be. I will be able to use intellect when problem solving to overcome difficulties so we can achieve our mission. Even when it comes to my physical training, I can use character to make sure, when I am not on orders or at drill, I am still working to be as fit as I can be and make a positive presence.

When I learned the army’s leader ship requirement model in BLC, I knew this would be invaluable. I am able to think of this at all times being a leader to make sure I am being and doing all I can. I will be a better leader and example to my soldiers. This covers why the army requirements leadership model is important to me because it shows the attributes of a leader, the competencies of a leader, and is applicable to all I do as a leader.

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Army Leadership Model Requirements

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