Leadership and Management: My Personal Leadership Philosophy

I am Tarandeep Kaur . I had completed my Bachelors of Nursing from Mohan Dai Oswal College of Nursing, Ludhiana, Punjab. Now, I am doing Nursing leadership and Management in Seneca College.I believe Leadership means a creation of a leader by formal or informal way which helps to achieve a certain goal . For example, In research assignment, if a leader is selected by group members or by themself then at that time it is easy to complete the research work in following time by giving instructions to group as well as motivate them to do work.

· Leadership leads to a single person , group of people or a organization.

· Leader is a person who helps , motivates others to do certain work.

· Leader must be trustful, honest and hard worker and also set an example for others to do best in their work.

· Leader is that who plays an important role in someone’s life. For instances, in a company , presentation topics are assigned to groups but one of the group member is not much confident and feel nervous to speak in front of others than at this time, leader is a person who motivates ,who encouraged and built confident in person to speak freely in front.

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· Formal Leadership

· Informal Leadership

Formal Leadership: Formal Leadership is defined as a person who is officially selected as a leader of a particular group ( Stephen R,2013). Examples of formal leaders are Teacher of a school, Nurse manager of all nurses or CEO of any company.

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On another example in nursing job , nurse manager is a formal leader which does not provide care to patient but its role is interact with staff members.

Informal Leadership: Informal Leadership is defined as a leadership which is not assigned officially (Smart, 2010) .Informal leader motivates, encourage others to achieve certain goal. For example, Class representative of one class who help class members in their problems.

· The main focus of both formal and informal leader is to achieve a certain goal by encouragement and motivation.

· Both formal and informal leaders must be trustful and honest towards other.

· Formal leader have authority to give reward to team member but informal leader does not.

Example of leadership role in which I participated

Now , I am going to talk about my experience in leadership roles. When , I was in last year of my college . I was selected as a Class Representative by Class and Class teacher. At that time , I worked as both formal as well as informal leader. As a class representative , I had some authorities like Solving certain matters in the class instead of going to principle or class teacher . Other than this , I had authority to give and take class tests to improve the knowledge of class mates. Instead of this , I played as informal roles which were that I was always ready to help classmates, always motivates them to achieve goals . Moreover , I was trustful and honest and always came front to protect class members from principle and teachers and tried to solve issues at my own level.

One another experience is , when I was enrolled in a group for research work an I was always the first to complete the statement and work on that.Morover, I encouraged my group mates to finish work and tried to keep their interest in work to finish our work at time.

These are two examples in which I played both formal and informal leaders role.

· Influence of Nursing professional association with Philosophy of leadership:

· As learned in last weeks about nursing practices that exactly links with the philosophy of leadership.

· Both tells about the main character of leader whether in nursing profession or in any other profession.

· Main characters are like:

· Leader should of honest, trustful and loyal for work.

· Leader should do proper recording and reporting for their own safety.

· Leader is cooperative,knoweldegeful, and able to handle a situation when required.

· Leader must have both theoretical and practical knowledge.

· Leader is a person who motivate , who encourage others to achieve a certain goal within time.

· Both Nursing professional studies and Philosophy of leadership tells that leader must follow their roles to do work and to achieve a goal within a time.

Conclusion according to my philosophy of leadership:

· I think , I concluded by learning this whole philosophy is that leader is a just a way to achieve a certain goal with full dedication and support of group members. Leader is the one person who can do different activities with group mates to achieve a goal.

· Leader is the only one person which is followed by all the members of the group either in right direction or in wrong direction which is depended on a leader.

· Leader either formal or informal must be trustworthy, knoweldegeful, honest, good motivator and critical thinker.


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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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