Development of a Personal Leadership Philosophy

Introduction to the Leadership Philosophy

The development of personal leadership philosophy deeply intrigues me. This philosophy provides insight into the ideas, values, attributes, and comprise how I approach leadership. The reflection of leadership is important so that I may know, what I stand for and what others can expect of me as a leader.

A Personal Reflection About Leadership

Leadership is defined as “a process whereby a selected person mentors other members within a group in order to attain a usual predetermined aim” (Northouse, 2007, p.

3.). For me, being a leader is not just simply holding a leadership title, in fact, it is a powerful concept; which represents the internal capability of an individual either poor or good. Leaders are never born, in fact, they are the normal individuals polished with the passage of time. I believe that for me to become a great leader I must possess certain attributes such as a sense of responsibility, humility, an open mind of diversity, a caring leader attitude, and strong communication.

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These values of mine are crucial for me to achieve my ultimate goal of helping others in a positive and effective manner. In the field of Nursing, Grossman and Valiga (2013), states that leadership is an integral component of any profession. Nurses are expected to demonstrate leadership whether they hold any position. A nurse leader should demonstrate effective leadership by taking actions to resolve conflicts and advocating for client, workplace, and profession.

Formal Leadership

Johnston (n.d.). defined formal leadership as the term in which leaders are given decision making authority by the organization.

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They can control the progress of the employees. Decision making in this position is more autocratic than consultative due to the nature of the position. This category of leaders must make sure that the required resources are made available to group members along with inspiring others to work up to the best of their ability. Examples of this leadership in Nursing are; 1) Nurse manager 2) Nurse educator 3) Nurse administrator 4) Team leader 5) Charge nurse

Informal Leadership

In this type of leadership, leaders lack legitimate power or authority. They are the ones who can impact other group members. These types of leaders would rather give advice than a reprimand. They are chosen directly by their colleagues due to their knowledge, vision, and competency in achieving goals. Examples are:

  1. RN
  2. Nurse Practitioner

Example of a Personal Leadership Role

While working as an RN in the Medical Unit in my home country, one day I encountered a scenario in which a patient was continuously complaining of pain due to an uncomfortable bed. None of my colleagues took initiative to make patients comfortable by resolving his problem as they thought it was the duty of the charge nurse to look for such complaints. I immediately called the hospital maintenance department and by putting various efforts I arranged a new bed for that patient within 2 hours. By this action I demonstrated an informal leadership role, as taking initiative to solve problems is one of the qualities of the nurse as a leader. I believe that Registered nurses are not only accountable for patient`s direct care, but also they should lead in a manner ensuring efficient client care. The role which I demonstrated was not prescribed, yet it was subjective to the conditions.

Influence of nursing professional associations on my personal leadership philosophy


This organization acknowledged me that nurse should exhibit leadership traits by providing holistic care to client by using accessible means.


It made me aware that the nurse leaders should exhibit leadership in the form of effective communication, problem-solving, influencing others, and resolving conflicts


It suggests that leadership practices can help create a healthy work environment, which can improve outcomes in the form of patient satisfaction.


CNA (2009) stated that “Canadian nurses in all roles must exert leadership. It may range from an enthusiastic student to a competent professional clinician (p. 2.).


A leadership philosophy represents the standards and morals that are essential to succeed in any profession. This ethos is one to which I am personally committed. During my leadership roles, I have consistently and successfully provided vision, engaged co-workers in completing tasks, made decisions directly concerned with the health promotion of patients. I believe that when I will truly confine myself to leadership by understanding the relationship between leaders and followers, I can act as a catalyst for great change in my life. I appreciate that as a leader I have a unique opportunity to empower others and thus making this world a better place to live. (Pate, 2013, p. 187.).


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Development of a Personal Leadership Philosophy

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