Know Your Rights: School Dress Codes and Uniforms

Dress codes in school are the rules that the school board put in regarding what a student is required to wear in school. These codes provide guidelines for the students in which they are allowed to wear, this includes the style and color or the cut of the clothing. These rules must be followed by the students as the rules meet the school's requirements. School dress code aim is to establish a certain atmosphere in the school environment while giving the students chance of a bit of freedom to express themselves through their outfit.

Most people challenge dress codes because they saw them as restricting students’ freedom of expression or religion. But you have to remember that not all forms of expression are allowed in a school environment. I think that there should be dress codes to guide the students and prepare them for their future careers. The dress codes we have now seem to be for the wrong reasons and are targeting specific identities( discrimination against a student on the basis of gender identity or prohibiting hijabs, natural Black hairstyles, or long hair for boys) which makes this is one of the biggest reasons the other side think that there should not be a dress code.

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but the idea of dress codes is really important and necessary. I think we can change the policy we have now for a better one in which the policies are not biased and allow students the most choice possible in a way that neither creates an uncomfortable or unfriendly environment nor restricts their individuality.

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I believe there are important reasons to enforce dress codes because not only dress codes benefits student now but it benefits them for their future life.

I relate to this topic because I am a student and my school has a dress code and I see the benefit of it. Any Dress codes should not target specific identities instead they should apply to every student. For instance, dress codes can simply mandates which body parts must be covered and what items must be worn (top, bottom, shoes) for all students for school or any school function. Dress codes and uniforms are two different things .dress codes still give permission to the students what they want which seems like a sense of choice and expression.
Some argue that dress codes limit students' ability to develop self-expression and find their personal identity. Linne Hoofnagle, the former staff writer for Tiger Hi-Line, the student newspaper at Cedar Falls High School (Cedar Falls, IA), wrote in her Dec. 4, 2012 article titled " it Limit Number of Outlets for Creativity and Self-Expression,".

The purpose of a dress code is to provide guidance to students to what is appropriate attire for school. For instance, you don't talk to your boss the way you talk to your friends for obvious reasons. Dress codes are obvious reasons. The dress code is a primary goal is to help students learn a skill, which is important to be successful in getting and keeping a job linked to attire. They don't limit yourself expressions instead they guide how to dress smart. Dress code guides students to dress professionally and dress smartly

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Know Your Rights: School Dress Codes and Uniforms
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