Kfc Launches The “Digital Detox” Campaign For Youngsters

Bucharest, 16th July, 2018 - KFC makes a step forward in its care for the youngsters’ needs and launches a new program that addresses a real concern of the now generation – technology dependence. Through the “Digital Detox” campaign, KFC wishes to make the youngsters aware of the amount of time they spend connected to technology, challenging them to maintain a balance between their lives and the digital world.

There is no doubt in the exponential growth of technology and its benefits in the everyday life, but the more connected a person thinks they are to the world through techonology, the less connected they are to the real world.

The campaign’s main objective is to make youngsters identify, understand and fight their technology dependence. The program also supports people to adopt a different lifestyle, emphasizing the important aspects of the real human experience.

KFC has launched several CSR programs for youngsters in the past years, supporting them in their education and proper social development.

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The “Digital Detox” campaign comes as a natural step forward in helping them become the best versions of themselves. Therefore, KFC will communicate on its social media channels a series of challenges for those who suffer from nomophobia. Nomophobia is a state of stress caused by having no access to or being unable to use one’s mobile phone.

The “Digital Detox” program will start with daily challenges like “try to turn off your phone while you are asleep”, “turn off your phone when you are with friends” or “try leaving your phone at home when you go to the store”.

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To take the challenge, people will have to complete a digital detox form, consenting to take part in the ten days program. Every day, they will be notified on their mobiles about the new challenge, being asked if they accept it. Each completed challenge may come with a special gift: movie tickets, SPA vouchers, a dinner reservation, festival tickets and so on. Those ones who complete all the challenges have the chance to win a vacation in their dream place.

“Through this campaign, we aim to make youngsters use their phones less, while engaging in real conversations, experiences and social activities. Digital Detox is like a game – you play and you can win. The youngsters are eager to show the world they can, even if it is about proving they can live using their phones less. So we are confident they will take our challenges and we trust their word they will complete them. At the end of the program, we hope everyone that took it will be less technology dependent”, stated Monica Eftimie, Chief Marketing Officer, Sphera Franchise Group.

About KFC

KFC is the most popular chain-restaurant specialised in chicken-meat products and it is part of the YUM!Brands Group, the biggest chain-restaurant company and one of the largest global employers. KFC is well-known for the Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Crispy Strips, Hot Wings and fresh chicken sandwiches. Over 15.000 KFC restaurants serve daily 12 milion clients in 109 countries.

In Romania, KFC chain-restaurant is run in a franchise system, the license for Romania having been aquired since 1997 by US Food Network KFC and totals a number of 51 restaurants in Bucharest and all other major cities such as Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Suceava, Oradea, Pitesti or Brasov. Moreover, KFC Romania operates a restaurant in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

Updated: Feb 14, 2024
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