Some Reasons Why KFC Makes Good Profit In Sales Promotion For IMC Campaign

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As we proposed to launch a sales promotion for the IMC campaign, KFC can definitely make good profit by doing so .There are many reasons that can support our proposed strategies and the following are the most conspicuous one.

First of all, KFC can attract more potential customer or even exposed to the new segmentation by focusing more sales promotion through the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Online Advertisement, Direct Mail ,so on and so forth. This is because social media has an imperative impact on the wide audiences who are also using their gadgets like phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or other electronic devices.

The segmentation of the target audience may including the youngster ages between 15 to 24, adults ages between 25-64 years old or even the senior 65 years old and above. This is due to the fact people are rely heavily on electronic devices as we had mentioned earlier. The good example of our proposed strategy would be create a post on Facebook and let the customers like and share the post .

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What they need to do is just by showing the post to the cashier and get RM1 as a discount. This helps KFC to have good publicity for their new recipe and therefore make them desire and craving of the foods.

Besides, the application that KFC had already launched is created for the sake of pushing the sales and reach to wider audiences. Another proposed strategy which is customer to get special discount or offer by downloading the application and follow the terms and conditions.

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For example, the Classic Meal that worth RM13.35 can be purchased with RM10 only through using the KFC mobile application. This is a good way to promote and encourage people from buying the products. As all the orders can be done by just simple taps in the application, KFC can improve their delivery service as in deliver it to the door front of the customer regardless any states. It really makes people’s life much convenient as they might be tired after a long day of working. Vouchers and coupons can increase the likelihood that people craves for the meals as well. So this is another awesome way to give vouchers or coupons to the customers who ordered the delivery.

Apart from that, our member also proposed another strategy which is New Product Development. KFC can be creative and innovative in making new dishes in order to attract the customers. As the proposed strategy, KFC can come out different tastes and spices that are from different ethnics and races. KFC can come out different flavours of chicken according to different festivals in Malaysia. Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and also Gawai are just a few of festival that are celebrated in Malaysia. In a multiracial country in Malaysia, all of the citizens enjoyed eating different tastes that has their own uniqueness from the different races. A good example would be the Malay dishes, KFC can come out new flavour like Curry Redang Chicken in their menu. Also, KFC can come out flavour that suits the Deepavali festival which includes the herbs and spices used in most Indian dishes like turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and etc.

Last but not least, advertising is a strategy that is used in the KFC company. They did a lot of advertisements such as radio, television, billboard, online advertisement, website and social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is common we see KFC uploads their new menus or any offers and also some videos to gain attention of the customers. It’s a good strategy because people are tend to scroll their new feeds on the social media. The photos or videos can successful make one’s to craving for it as they can hear the crunchy sounds of the chicken and imagine how delicious it tastes when the actors eating the chicken.

Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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