KBR Inc & a global company

KBR Inc is a global company dealing in engineering, construction and services and supports the energy, petrochemicals, civil infrastructure and government services. A wide range of services are offered through large business segments viz. , Energy and Chemicals and Government Infrastructure, also called as (E&C), (G&I). A full range of military mission is operated in the field support and maintenance of services by the company. An employment agreement has been made between Bruce A. Stanski and KBR Inc, Materials and Construction under the governing laws of Texas.

The Employment Agreement firstly, carries effective date of employment agreement witnessed by both the parties. Secondly a clause that employer is continuing the employment of employee after the Effective Date basing on the terms and conditions detailed in Agreement and employee also is willing to accept the continuity of services to the organisation as per the terms and conditions. The third clause states that in respect of relocation of work for employee, there is a reimbursement by the company for all the costs and expenses incurred by the employee.

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Employee if willing to voluntarily terminate the employment, it has to be done within one year of relocation date as stated in Relocation Agreement. After these three clauses, Article 1 carries a subhead of Employment and Duties in which it is stated that employer and employee mutually agree for employment from the Effective Date until the date of termination pursuant to Article 3 and subject to terms and conditions of this agreement. 1. 2 details about position of employee and managerial capacity and authority given to employee.

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1. 3 details that employee must comply with the business code of conduct and 1. 4 states that employee must devote energy and full time for employment services. 1. 5 states that an employee agrees to acknowledge the duty of loyalty and faithfulness and work in the best interest of employer and other Halliburton group alliances and must not cause any direct or indirect harm or damage to the reputation of business. 1. 6 states that employer has full right to transfer employee to another entity of Halliburton.

Article 2 details about compensation and about benefits and it carries eleven points detailing about taxes, IPOs, performance pay plan, salary, reimbursement of expenses, welfare benefits and retirement benefits, employee plans, bonuses and restricted shares. Article 3 discusses about termination of employment and what are the effects of termination. Article 4 details about ownership and how intellectual property and confidential information has to be maintained by employee.

Article 5 carries miscellaneous provisions which has ten points on various issues of mailing correspondence to employee, payment of taxes, acknowledgment of federal laws by employee, compliance to all the legal clauses charted down by Halliburton and that there can no breach of clause or disagreement to the employment agreement. Conclusion The Employment Agreement of KBR is entirely governed by U. S Government Texas laws and therefore, employees have to abide by the both explicit and implicit clauses of agreement in respect of discharge of duties and in maintaining the confidentality of information.

It can be noted here, that the company takes every responsibility to provide every sort of acceptable information required by the employee in order to discharge duties diligently and faithfully. Duties have to be performed in both professional conduct as well in the best interest of business ethics from view of employee. Therefore in this pattern, the employment agreement of KBR is legally drafted in order to train its employees to be morally active and also professionally fit and efficient.

On the other side, it can also be stated that, employee does not carry any authority or right to violate the agreement of KBR whereas the concurrence and approval of employer has to be considered in all respects in every aspect of employment and also according to the terms and conditions contained in employment agreement. Further there is no scope or threat for an employee in terms of personal security by virtue of being an employee in KBR as per the employment agreement whereas a strict adherence to the contract agreement is very much necessary. References KBR Executive Employment Agreement Accessed 5 May 2009

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