Jane Loevinger’s stages of ego development Essay

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Jane Loevinger’s stages of ego development

I have done much research of theories on; stages of life, stages in life, how and why, we all got to be how we are. Of course, I have my own theory, which is because and in reference to; all the research I had done. However, I want to state that I most agree with; Jane Loevinger’s philosophy, that; “this sense of the ego or “I” as an active interpreter of experience—changes in significant ways over the course of human life. Loevinger’s model of ego development charts those changes over time.”

Jane Loevinger had her own theory of stages that human beings go through in becoming who they are; hers begs to differ in the sense of; it is all how we categorize what we have learned in life; Loevinger tells us how we organize (in our mind) those contents I-2 Impulsive- Impulsive Egocentric, dependent Bodily feelings Delta Self-protective Opportunistic Manipulative, wary “Trouble,” control I-3 Conformist- Respect for rules Cooperative, loyal Appearances, behavior I-3/4 Conscientious- Exceptions allowable Helpful, self-aware Feelings, problems, adjustment Conformist. I-4 Conscientious- Self-evaluated Intense, responsible Motives, traits, achievement standards, self-critical. I-4/5 Individualistic- Tolerant Mutual Individuality, development, roles. I-5 Autonomous- Coping with conflict Interdependent Self-fulfillment, psychological causation. I-6 Integrated- Cherishing individuality Identity.

In going over the table in layman’s terms, I think it is obvious that she is describing; growing up in general, and what would be helpful and healthy for a person to experience. The table does not list 1-1, which I believe that is because it would be what one views (optical) as a baby, before one can verbalize or think in any cognitive way. She starts with Impulse control, which is agreeable, because no one has morals/values, and/or any sense of right/wrong, at the beginning of his or her lives. She also mentions; manipulative in this category, which is also agreeable because a person will be manipulative at a young age in trying to gain control, which I think leads us into the second category of; conformist. I believe that is agreeable also, for one is learning to conform without manipulation, (because of the earlier manipulation), in learning their own assertive control and what they have decided they like.

Next, Conscientious – Individualistic, is people becoming aware of everything, especially other people around them and how they are different. They are learning to be patient and understand that each is different, at first they realize they must tolerate others, then, going into autonomous, they more than tolerate differences, they also accept them. The final stage is; Integrated, which to me is; self-satisfaction, in the knowing that one knows life and understands it. They accept all that they are, their purpose, and everyone else’s purpose. They understand each person has a role in this world and are now more than accepting of it; they are; grateful. It is feeling of understanding. Their mind, body and soul is satisfied.

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