Isolation in "Lord of the Flies" and "Heart of Darkness"

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This is an awsome essay! Do not hesitate to utilize it. Excellent comparison of books, excellent work. novels. Throughout Lord of the Flies and Heart of Darkness the value of restraint is significantly stressed. This being the restraint to remain human and keep sanity. In Heart of Darkness, Marlow was able to remain his restriant in spite of how hard it was for him. He was constantly surrounded by cannibals and constant mayhem. On the other hand, Kurtz was not able to keep his restriant, as a result he lost his humankind and peace of mind, and ultimately died since of it.

In Lord of the Flies, Ralph is able to limit restrain, and he for that reason remains human. He discovered it challenging though, due to the fact that there was just one other person who was able to do the very same- Piggy. Ralph was figured out to maintain order, and he was very alone since of it. Jack on the other hand, provided in to the temptationof just searching and playing, and lost his humanity while doing so.

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He ended up being a savage - not a human being, but a savage with a painted body and unusual barbaric methods. In contrast, the cannibals in Heart of Darkness, (who are starving) might have easily had many rewarding meals. After all, they outnumbered the whites thirty to 5, but they still had necessary restraint to refrain from savagely feasting on a few of the quickly accessible seafarers. Towards the end of the unique, Marlow ends up being becomes really close to losing his peace of mind, however also has the necessary restraint to keep it.

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He confuses the beat of a drum (the call to man's primative side) with his own heart beat, however is still able to restrain from slipping over the edge as Kurt did. Ralph in Lord of the Flies is continuously faced with temptation to join Jack and all of the other boys, specifically when Piggy dies and he is all alone. This makes it a lot more difficult to restrain from giving in to Jack and his animalistic tribe. For that reason, it is obvious how important restrain is in these two novels.

The ability to do so may be the difference between life and death, and the one who can restrain himself teh most is the one who prevails in the end. In conclusion, it is evident that the authors of these two novels wrote about their own life experiences because they were able to draw emotion form things that actually haopened to them. Also, through Lord of the Flies and Heart of Darkness, Golding and Conrad were able to express the isolation that some of the characters were forced to endure, and the importance of restraint in dealing with one's humanity. These compelling novels leave the reader with two possible questions. Would I be able to cope with the intense isolation? And, do I have the necessary restriant to maintain the humanity which so many people take for granted? finally, the reader would be left with a better understanding of the darkness, which Golding and Conrad believed, each and every one of us possess somewhere, deep down inside.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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