Islam, Judaism and Christianity

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all Abrahamic religions. Being an Abrahamic religion means all three come from Abraham and his sons Ishmael and Isaac. All three religions are completely different yet have moral and ethical views that can be similarly compared. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all monotheistic meaning they believe in one true god. They believe this one true God is the source and creator of all that exists. God has also made human beings the highest-ranked creatures in the world with complex minds and abilities not given to any other creatures in the way in which humans have been given.

Ishmael, Abraham's firstborn son became known as the patriarch of Islam. He was known as a prophet and an ancestor of Muhammad. Muhammad was a descendant of Ishmael and received the final covenant of Allah. Allah is God in Islam. The followers of Islam are known as Muslims. Muslims have and believe in tenants also known as the five pillars of Islam which are commitments that they must take.

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They must fulfill these commitments to leave an enjoyable, responsibility life as a follower of Islam. The five pillars of Islam include the first which is the Shahada, which is genuinely reciting the profession of faith which includes the phrase "There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God". The second pillar is the Salat. Salat means prayer and as a Muslim, you must pray facing Mecca five times a day and also recite a chapter from the Quran, the holy book.

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The third pillar is Zakat which means alms and this pillar says that as a Muslim you must donate some of your income to those in need to help the poor and to be beneficial to the community as a whole. For example, if one is very wealthy or maybe even royalty they may build drinking fountains in communities with a large homeless population so they readily have clean drinking water available. The fourth pillar of Islam is Sawm which means that during Ramadan you will fast during the time of daylight. This is so as a Muslim you can have a reminder to help those in need since you share the hunger and thirst that they may be feeling which is a religious duty that they also focus on in the third pillar, Zakat. Help those in need. The fifth and final pillar of Islam is hajj. Hajj is a pilgrimage to the holy place of Mecca, where Muslims believe that the Ka'ba is the house of Abraham and one must face it when praying.

Mohammed, the founder of Islam, believed many of his thoughts on the practices of the local Jewish population in his native Mecca. For example, the Muslim practices of not eating pig, circumcision, daily prayer and fasting during the first month of the year were all called directly from Judaism. Mohammed had a deep belief in the narratives of the Bible, Mohammed made very vigorous decisions leading up to the Quran. Both religions enforce modesty and require that women cover their hair. It is found to be respected by the culture. In the Islam religion, unmarried men and women should not be secluded alone ever. Men and women are obligated to dress modestly, the men have the right to accompany their wives anywhere they please. Judaism doesn't have the same beliefs and ideas of husbands in Islam culture. Islam was founded by Muhammad in the year 622, Muhammad thought that God had chosen him to be the prophet to speak his work. Islam also teaches that faith and action go hand in hand. Judaism had a huge impact on later religions such as Islam.

Many Americans would probably be very surprised to learn that Judaism and Islam actually share a pretty substantial amount of religious ground in common with each other. Judaism and Islam each accept the idea that God communicates directly to humans through the work of the prophets or human beings chosen by God. The people of Islam feel strongly about the beliefs they have but also the understanding of life and situations. They both believe that Jesus was not a divine savior but was only a vessel for humans to live through.

The mutual understandings of Islam and Judaism and the perception of conflict between them are no longer a conflict for only these two religions. The religions both feel that you as a human need to live life purely in the eyes of Allah. Islam indeed is going through war within the religion & it has impacted most of the population. Islam also uses Jewish history as a part of its own. Islam was strongly influenced by Judaism in its fundamental religious outlook.

Updated: May 19, 2021

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