Is It Important for Teenagers to Pay Attention to World News Essay

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Is It Important for Teenagers to Pay Attention to World News

What does one think when they hear the world “world news”? Do they think of countries that are bombing each other, politicians who keep arguing, or the United Nations? Well, whatever it is that comes to mind that should not be a reason why you should not watch the news. Teenagers should be aware of what is going on in our world today because they can make a difference, they will have a better understanding about the world and lastly, they will be grateful and appreciate things more often.

The news is full of depressing stories such as homicides, robberies and so forth, the reality is that teens are the future. Adolescents will be the leader of tomorrow. Even though most people think teenagers are lazy and good for nothing, they are not. Young people should be aware of what is going on in the world since one person can make a difference. For example; Robert Heft, a seventeen year-old, designed the fifty-star American flag. Joseph Bombardier, a Canadian boy, invented the snowmobile at the age of fifteen! If young adults have knowledge of the injustice that is happening in our planet today, then there will be at least a couple of them who will try to change the reality.

Another reason that teenagers should pay attention to world news is to have a better understanding of the world, people and they will be more open-minded. If adolescents have a better comprehension in the world, they will become more successful. They will know how things work and function in our planet, or maybe start questioning our system and try to change the status quo. Also, young adults will make more friends since they are more open-minded. They will not be too quick to judge. Lastly, teens will have a better understanding of people and their points of view.

The truth is the news mostly has negative stories. Teens would be aware about how fortunate they are if they watched or read the news. Teenagers will learn to appreciate more and to give back to the community. Adolescents will realize that the world does not revolve around them and some other people have worse living conditions than themselves. They will see that it’s not a good reason to be upset just because they did not get the new iPhone and they will appreciate their new phone or device more. Overall, the news will teach teenagers about being grateful and to give more instead of taking all the time.

Teenagers will be greatly affected if they watch the news. This is because teens will have better knowledge about the world and issues that are occurring today. Also, they can make a difference if they actually know what to fight for. The news can teach young adults to love, appreciate and to give back more to the community. These are just some of the reasons why teenagers should be aware of the world news.

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