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Abu Ali al-Hasan Ibn al-Hasan Ibn Al-Haytham, well-known to Westerners as Al Hazim, was born in 354 AH / 965 AD within the city of Basra in an era when new inventions emerged in an era known as the Golden Age, where several new Muslim scholars emerged with advanced discoveries in medicine and science, as well as technology. This began to emerge from Eastern Europe to East Asia.

Ibn al-Haytham is an encyclopedic scientist who has several necessary contributions within the field of mathematics, ophthalmology, optics, physics, astronomy, engineering, scientific philosophy, visual perception and scientific philosophy, through his experiments conducted using the methodology that contributed considerably to the proof of his theories.

The scientific discoveries confirmed by modern science these days and have uses in several fields. He died within the Arab-Islamic world, Hassan Ibn Al-Haytham, in the city of Cairo, Egypt, (AH 430 / AD 1040).

Through this report, we’ll refer to the most necessary scientific inventions of Al-Haytham, and what scientific ways he has completed to achieve scientific proof within the golden age, and therefore the achievements that helped to the emergence of the many inventions that you just notice these days and the advantages of his inventions to our latest technologies.


Ibn al-Haytham a lot of discoveries and research, perhaps the most important of the following:

  • In optics, Ibn al-Haytham had various discoveries and numerous exploration in the field of science, and it was based on previous study that had happened before. However, Ibn al-Haytham had his own additions, for example, the evidence proves that light in a homogeneous medium spreads a straight line, which means that in order for the eye to see the light emitted through the candle from a hole in the door, the eye and candle must pass in one rectum line.

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  • Thus, we find that Hassan bin Haytham believes that light is only a state of reflection of heavy objects such as what happens in a ball hit a wall and then has been applying the same theory to all light reflections, and therefore Hassan bin Haytham is the initial discoverer of the camera, and through it the using information needed by Photographers to move and enlarge the images.
  • He studied the eyes components and what is the composition of the eye and mechanics of vision, and concluding that the eye layers for each layer and work jointly with others to reach the eye to full vision, he was the first to talk about the so-called “white lubricant” and is intended to white Peripheral eye, as well as pupil and retina.
  • Hassan bin Al-Haytham discovered six laws on the path of light and its reflection angles, and is the first to talk about the so-called speed of light, and thus is the son of Al-Haytham is the founder who put the seed of the invention of the “barometer”.
  • Al-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham divided the light into two separated parts, the first part of which is light coming from any solid luminous object and struck him with an example in the sun. Like a fire and named this part incidental lighting. Al-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham laid the foundation for the science of light in his famous book, the book of optics “Kitab Al-Manazer. In the book of optics, he mentioned a full in details investigation and law of refraction, including tests involving incidence and deviation angles. Refraction is demonstrated by the slower movement of light in dense mediums.
  • Ibn al-Haytham is at the top of the scientific field, and with this book other scientists have established more than one hundred other science. Ibn al-Haytham was given the title of Prince of Light because of this book. Mathematical and engineering proof. He also proved that the eye could not see two things at once.
  • Ibn al-Haytham contributed to the founding of the principles and rules of scientific research, and was keen to apply them in all research, theories and experiences of his own, interested in the study of insights, and clarify the properties of molecules, as research in the case of vision, and continued research based on the order.
  • He criticized many introductions, and reserved a set of results, which indicates that Ibn al-Haytham was the first to lay the foundations of scientific research.


This is how we presented a detailed report on the intelligent inventor Al-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham the Arab Muslim scientist who began finding the invention of optics to his most important discoveries. He also focused on studying sciences like engineering medicine mathematics and even places other correct alternatives to it. One of the best things he presented to mankind was what he presented in the researching about the light and the way it is transmitting. Ibn Al Haytham was the initial scientist to find out the scientific method which is used widely to prove new information by providing methods that supports it and it is used for a lot of new inventions and studies in our days.


In my opinion Ibn al-Haytham had greatly influenced and helped the emergence of many inventions similar to his invention also developed version of his invention from which new scientists understood how the lamp works and through these experiments emerged important inventions that we are witnessing in our day. Such as telescope photographic camera and the emergence of eyeglasses that helps the person who it has short-sightedness to provide a clearer view of the world and a magnifying glass to see the finer thing.

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