Scientist's Presentation

1 You are a scientist presenting your latest discovery to two different audiences. On Monday you will present to the board of directors of your company. All of the members of the board are highly accomplished scientists who stay up-to-date with every medical breakthrough in your field. On Tuesday you will present your research to the company’s marketing and promotions department. This group of individuals is dedicated to designing a dynamic campaign that will maximize the number of physicians and consumers interested in the product.

Explain how the presentation slides you use in each case may differ. Provide a specific example to illustrate how slide design and presentation style should relate to the audience.

The presentations you use in each slide show might differ because for the scientists, you might want to explain the aspect of your research more. For the promotions department, you might want to show the layout or design of the product. This is because the group of scientists know more about medical breakthroughs and the promotions department knows about promoting your product.

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1. If you were on a decision making board with the task of choosing which innovation to fund, what criteria would you use to make your decision? List two criteria and explain your rationale below.

To make my decision, I would determine whether they have a good plan or not. Also, I would look at their research and make sure that they have their idea figured out. Finally, I would make sure that they would use the money efficiently and make the plan consistent and concise.

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2 Explain how the innovation you designed could have helped Anna Garcia.

My innovation would have helped Anna Garcia because she would have been able to receive her insulin on time and in appropriate doses so that way, there would have been enough insulin in her system to support her blood sugar.

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Scientist's Presentation

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