Intro for Self Introduction

The purpose of this task is to offer info you would like me to learn about you as an individual and as a trainee. Your essay will likewise give me an example of your writing, including a reasonable image of how clearly, properly, concisely, and creatively you interact in composing.

Compose, type, or word procedure the essay in blue or black ink, using only one side of each sheet of paper.
Either lined or unlined paper is great.
Please keep in mind that:
– I am your audience for the essay; – unsuitable language is not appropriate in English class; – good type needs an inch margin on all sides of each sheet; – if your essay is longer than a single page, subsequent pages should be numbered on top right corner; – except as we talked about in class, it is seldom appropriate to utilize abbreviations; and – if this project is turned in on time and is appropriate, it deserves twenty points and will begin you out immediately with a one hundred percent score in my grade book.

Friendly essay format is provided below as a guide, with some ideas for what to write about:

Excellent Student
Ms. Werner
English 10
September 4, 2007

[The essay should have one or more paragraphs about you. You might include information about your family, your activities, your interests and hobbies, your talents, your job or jobs, how you spent your summer, your favorite book, movie, or band, or other information that identifies or introduces you.] [Please describe yourself as an English student.

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What would you like me to know about your learning style or preferences, your academic ability and achievement, how you learn best, or your concerns or frustrations with English?] [Include a description of two or three goals you hope to accomplish in this class and why you would like to accomplish these goals. Be sure that the goals you set will make a real difference to you, are observable or measurable, and are realistic.]

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Intro for Self Introduction
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