Interpreting Scriptures Through Critical Thinking

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As a participant within my focus group, my teachings should assist each of them in… The capability of identifying the relationship between Jesus and the Law, by Applying their hermeneutic skills to accurately interpret Scriptures through critical thinking. Gaining competence for themselves in giving a defense for why Christ is the Messiah, by Understanding the Great Commission, the Covenants of God, and God’s purpose for sending Christ. Making a decision for Christ if not yet saved, or confirming reasons for their faith, by Taking them to what the Word says about what is asked of a disciple of Christ, and what is needed of a follower to be saved.

Be proficient in identifying the fundamentals of the Christian faith, by Demonstrating the capacity to complete the aptitude test administered upon completion of the given material for this lesson. Wielding the talents to employ these lessons to anyone they know like family and friends, by Sharing the information in the handouts given during the lesson with loved ones, confess their faith (NEW BELIEVER’S ) and or understanding why it’s important (EVERYONE), and committing to fulfill the Great Commission once understood, in the community.

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Upon the successful completion of this course of study, a student could be expected to make a decision for Christ if they had not already done so. Having already done so however, a student could be expected to reaffirm their decision for a life with Christ. Each student will be given the essentials necessary to critically analyze and interpret such faith based principles such as the Covenants with God, the promise of Christ, the Great Commission, and the means to Discipleship.

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Upon understanding of these elements one could build a practicum within a small group to present to the rest of the class on what five things they would emphasize in witnessing to a family member or friend. I would ask that everyone submit a name to me of someone they knew that was lost spiritually, and that they could honestly see themselves having a conversation based on the practicum they submitted before presenting.

Once the lesson is given, and the groups share their presentation the groups would be split up in groups of two. These groups would then use the practicum to go before one person for each two man group equally distributed according to their skill sets and witness to the one lost person of my choice. Explaining each of the lesson fundamentals with this person a summary should be written of what was discussed, and the reactions for this lost person. This summary should be brief to not fill more than five minutes but exhaustive enough to give details. Discussing the outcome would be beneficial for the class so that if a similar situation arrived for them they would have a general idea how to minister the situation.

Once the findings are summarized a brief review of the lesson will be administered where the class will be allowed to answer the review questions aloud. As I look around the room, distinguishing the question to just one student will sometimes be needed based on my observations in the last two sessions with them. From here a modest test based on the expectations and proof model will be given, no more than 15 questions. From there we will trade papers with a different partner and grade the papers discretely. I will walk around the room to ensure no one missed a large amount of questions, and if so follow-up with those individuals. My email will be given at closing to provide assistance on anything relative to discipling later, and regarding the lesson challenge, I will give each individual according to the level I observed them a challenge to email me that will pertain to the lessons I have given and applying them in the world.

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Interpreting Scriptures Through Critical Thinking

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