Interpersonal skills are the life skill Essay

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Interpersonal skills are the life skill

Interpersonal skills are the life skills all the human-being used every day to contact and interface with others, both separately and in groups. People who have worked on growing strong interpersonal skills are normally more successful in their masterly and personal live. Good interpersonal skills allow us to participate effectively as a member of a team. Moreover, employability skills can be defined as the transferable skills needed by a personal. Beside with good practical understanding and issue knowledge, employers often summarize a set of skills that they want from an employee. According to Cotton (2001), he said employers want employees to possess employability skills; that employers value generic employability skills over specific occupational (technical) skills; and that employers consider many entry?level job applications to lack the required employability skills and express deep concerns regarding this deficiency. It is a fair conclusion then that those skills bracketed within the term “employability skills” are fast becoming a requirement for employment rather than desirable, and that employers see the responsibility for the development of such skills lying with educational institutions.

According to the personal strength survey results, I am a committed and responsible teammate, I always do my own part well, and I will contribute for the success of my group work. Moreover, I never give up anything halfway. I will nonetheless of what I do, I commence it with anticipation and vitality. Additionally, I will not get disturbed when I work, and I take happiness in completing tasks. I work hard to finish what I begin. No matter what project I get, I will submit my work in time. Uniquely, I usually offer the people who make wrong a second chance and I forgive those who done me wrong. For me, my personal principle is be mercy not revenge to others. Furthermore, I do a great job organizing activities and supervise that what they work. I will stay harmony within the group by making everyone feel themselves is the one of the significant and encouraging a group to get the tasks done. Besides that, the people who feel most close to me are the same people to whom I feel most close. In particular those in which caring and sharing are reciprocated.

As well, my family members and my friends understand that I am an appreciative person because I usually demonstrate my thanks to them. I am aware of the great things that happen at me, and I never take them as allowed. Comparatively, I am an honest person, whether by telling the truth or by living my life in an authentic and true way. I am down to this world and without dissimulation. Likewise, my attitude aspect my actions and are an origin of repose to me. I also have reasonable and strong attitude about the higher motivation and meaning of the circle. In contrast, I am not a creativity person, I could not find something new and more creative when presenting something. I will improve my creativity by read the magazines, trade journals, and other literature in my field to make sure I am not outdated. Other than that, I must gain creative as my hobbies. Hobbies can also help me to relax. An active mind is necessary for creative growth.

Furthermore, I am weak on making judgement. Sometimes I cannot make a decision when facing problem. Although I know that is an important thing, but I am not able to change my mind. I have to solve this weakness from myself, I have to truly believe I have the authority and power to turn our judgement and decision history around. Based on the employability skills survey results, one of my powerful employability skills is negotiating and persuading. Mainly, I would expanding a line of reasoned disagreement and importance the positive views of my argument. Similarly, I will understanding the needs of the person I am trading with at all the time. This is because we can know more details of the person and what he needs. I also like to challenge the points of view expressed by others.

Of course, my co-operating skills is very strong. I can focus on the behaviour which need to be improved and being confident rather than obedient and energetic. Not only I presenting my own plan effectively in a group but also proceed a part of the responsibility in a group. I can giving enthusiastic, useful feedback to others and learning from enthusiastic evaluation. My written communication is one of my weakness. For example, I cannot analysing, gathering and arranging data in a rational section. In the same way, I also cannot succeed my disagreement in a rational way and briefly outline the content. But I will try to improve this weakness by thinking trough in advance what I want to say. Moreover, I will adopting my writing style for different audiences.

In my opinion, many people think an occupation for life is no longer a choice nowadays. Most people will hold their career with a diversity of employers and pass across different employment zone through their working life. We all need to be adjustable in our working arrangements and be prepared to change jobs or sectors if we have confident in a better chances. But most of the employer require the employee should work well with other people, including the ability to work co-operatively towards common goals, provide a high level of customer services. Hence, we have to understand our interpersonal and employability skill, so that we can improve our weakness as well.

1) Cotton, K. (2001), Developing Employability Skills, Northwest Regional Educational Research Laboratory, Portland, OR, available at: (accessed 18November2014).

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