Internship Academic and Personal Interests

Prior to beginning my senior year of the bachelor’s program at Fresno State, I made the decision to leave my full-time job. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to expose myself to an internship that matched both my academic and personal interests. I took full advantage of this opportunity and during my senior year, I was able to work at both agencies. I interviewed for my internship. I was hired part-time at the second agency I interviewed for, as a Fresno State ambassador working for the office of Undergraduate Student Recruitment.

I was fortunate to be able to work part-time and do my internship part-time working with at-risk youth.

I understand that starting a graduate program requires me to study longer hours, I know that I am capable of being successful in accomplishing this. I am prepared to make the necessary arrangements to begin the next stage of my life. I do not have any social obligations that would impede my acceptance to your MSW program.

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I am not someone who procrastinates on completing assignments or puts off studying. Prior to returning to college to finish up my bachelor’s degree, I spent ten years in customer service-related jobs and I understand the importance of getting things done on time. I have a passion in becoming an effective and competent social agent of change. By providing support and resources to every individual who continues to face social injustice and inequality.

In addition to this I also have a great support system at home.

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My partner of nine years has been my biggest supporter in my journey to completing my goal of becoming a social worker. She has motivated me to continue my education and apply for the master’s program. She is a Fresno State graduate, graduating with her degree in Recreation Administration in 2014. She understands my passion to help others and encourages me to continue and not give up on my goals. Attending your graduate program will provide me with the opportunity to surround myself with people who share the same interest and ambitions as myself.

I know that together we can share our ideas and discuss how we can improve on our ideas greatly to make a positive change in our community. I have a deeper understanding of the connections that hold us together and the factors that drive us apart. The various ways of providing services to students has kept me intrigued in this field. I find the endless opportunities of providing services is what makes this profession extremely rewarding. I hope to gain knowledge that will allow me to achieve my goal in many aspects of social work. Aware of the demand, I believe I have the determination and compassion that will allow me to become one of your notable alumni and a valuable member of this profession.

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