Informal Writing Essay

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Informal Writing

I’ve always enjoyed writing. Since childhood I am fond of reading and writing based on the things I love to read. When I heard a child saying something about the solar system, I started writing imaginary things about outer space. It was a matter of jotting down what interests me at that moment. I also love writing about my daily experiences and keeping a diary made writing more enjoyable for me and made it a big part of my life.

In school, students were also encouraged to write creatively and analytically. During literature class I love composing stories about different topics but I started despising writing essays that meant to answer specific questions. I don’t really like technical and objective writing. What I enjoy best is creative and subjective writing because I really want to pour out my own opinion and let my mind soar for new ideas. It is a way of escaping reality and sometimes even reflecting about it.

Writing is a very important means of communication. Even though we are at an advanced technological age, writing is still an effective way of letting another person know what you feel and what you intend to say. For example, many people find it easier and enjoyable to communicate with others through the internet and email. The digital way of writing still needs the person’s proper writing knowledge or skills in order to properly send out his message to another person.

In my own experience, writing emails, blogs and other messages are enjoyable and at the same time provide an easier means of communicating with other people especially those from far places. I also enjoy writing poems and short stories when I have free time. In this course, I am hoping that I learn more about writing as an every day activity and probably gain more experiences about writing. I think that I need to improve more on the technical part of writing. I am sure that I can get into this course more because of its subjective nature which I think is one of my strengths in writing.

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