Formal Education Vs. Informal Education

Are you or your child receiving an education that fits your element? If not then when would now be a good time to look into that? Adults and children today or mostly unaware of how education is being presented do to the fact that they are only aware of one type of education. Of course most of us all are all born and raised on the “ladder system” which is another way of saying formal education, but many people don’t realize that there is an abundance in different types of education.

We have all heard of private schools and charter schools, but those are just schools not education.

Yes they are education to a degree but there are only two types of education, and they are frequently fought and argued about which one is better. Those two types of education are formal education and informal education. In todays society people are built mainly on morals and beliefs that are passed down through the government and high end white collard business men.

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Unfortunately people are becoming more and more unaware of informal education. Informal education is better than formal education do to the constant environment change and open curriculum that a education lacks.

Informal education is better and should be blended in with formal education to get a real world experience. The year two thousand and thirteen today we thought to have evolved in our educational practices. Even now people are becoming more intelligent in formal education through the years that the “ladder system” was introduced.

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Unfortunately though with that we also have been developing lower and lower common sense. That is mainly to do with formal education. Many people ask what is formal education? Formal education is education presented in a prestiges matter in which there are different levels completed.

The levels being Elementary school, Middle School, High School, and finally college. Seeing that there are different levels to be completed makes a more focused approach on education which in the long run will increase your intelligence, do to wanting to complete the final task which is college. Even by doing this many people blindly rush into college only forgetting what they have learned in middle school and even high school. Formal education is also very narrow and not open in many other experiences. Formal education schools are often decided what to teach based on what the state wants.

With most of the formal educations power going to the government and states. That leads formal educated schools to having a very closed curriculum and not being able to learn outside the box or have any other experiences. With formal education being a ladder system and a narrow curriculum, you can see that in terms of college expectations you are intelligent, but in realistic experiences you are not. Now what is Informal Education. Let me share an idea with you before i tell you. You probably know what a formal event is right?

You wear a formal garment such as a suit or a dress and you go to a very on point social event, but whatever when you are not dressed formally? You tend to have more creative freedom and you start to be educated on different types of apparel. Informal education the informal clothes appose to formal clothes such as a dress or suit. In the world of informal education there is no Ladder system. It is in short basic education but in a progressive form. And with being no ladder system the states are not involved with the curriculum which means you get to learn outside the box and experience far more than formal education could ever teach you.

Many people argue which is better when most people really lean more towards formal education, but really for an educational stand point informal education is better. There are many factors to bring into play when explaining the reason informal education is better than formal education. First let me explain environmental reasons to this. Looking at formal education you see that every day you are in the same blocks of classes and you are constantly surrounded by the same people. With that you are not really experiencing different types of people because you are built upon having the same people through out the school year.

You are not exposed to different personalities or characteristics do to people adapting to your own and becoming more like you. Informal education on the other hand you are exposed to the same class room, but there are usually different people in your class daily, and frequently even different teachers. With that your are not adapting to certain personalities but you are adapting to a realistic way of life which is being surrounded constantly with different people. Another thing argued strongly is the experience range.

Formal education gives you a very narrow curriculum not allowing you to experience other things that are more valuable outside of school. Most of the things in formal educated school apply only to school and not in the real world although english, science and some math is an exception. Informal education allows you to see many different prospectives on certain subjects and you really get to experience a lot more than what the state narrows it down too. Experience such as different people usually everyday, different subjects everyday and when a subject is ever retaught, it is taught by a different teaching making a different point of understanding.

The education in an informal school is usually basic things that you would learn in middle school, but going more into formal education it starts to be applied to many different areas in a real world circumstance, and applied several different ways. In a formal education school you are taught more advanced things that help develop the brain, but has no use in the outside world. In todays formal educated schools we are all taught that knowledge is power but that is really an understatement. What use do you have of acquired knowledge if you don’t even know how to apply it in a real world circumstance? Point proven.

Formal educated schools today are focused to much upon how to help you get to the next step of the ladder rather than helping you understand the use of the information provided. While formal education has a great affect on the brain development wise, it lacks many uses outside of its buildings. In formal education on the other has many experiences that are less advanced and may not enhance or develop the brain much. But if knowing how to use one piece of great information acquired and it making you become very successful. Then all the other information obtained that had no transformational value was just a waist of time.

Even today many people see education beyond high school as a waist of time, and the ones that adore formal education argue greatly on the belief. The biggest thing that affects people differently in formal or informal schools is the mindset that is carried through out the course. When begging a regular ladder system school which starts at elementary school we are all familiar with the different cards used to display behavior status. The blue card representing excellent behavior. The green card representing good behavior. The yellow card representing behavior that needs attention, and finally the red card representing bad behavior.

What people do not know is the physiological effects that the cards hold towards the child. When growing up we are all taught right from wrong, but it is now human nature to focus only on the problems. With that said many times in elementary school kids are often punished more than rewarded, and many times barely acknowledged for the good they have done. When still developing at a young age there brains start adapting and internalizing what they are surrounded by.

Many times do kids get yelled at for there miss behavior and even punished frequently. And not so often do the kids get praised with the same amount of energy they were being punished for. With so little energy going towards the good and rewarding, and so much going towards punishing there starts to become an imbalance of emotions. In the long term the students feel like they are useless and not worthy enough for whats to come.

With that they start growing up with these feelings and in the long run do not have the emotional uplift to conquer any dreams or goals. While during informal education every student is treated equally and is not so much punished as they are rewarded. This in the long run carries the opposite effect than in formal education.

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Formal Education Vs. Informal Education

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