Influence of Wechat Moments Upon College Students and Countermeasures

In April 19, 2012, WeChat released the 4.0 version. This version adds the function of WeChat Moments, an album like Path and Instagram. After five-year development, according to the performance report published by the Tencent in 2017, College students account for 19.70% of all 902 million WeChat users. There is no doubt that it has occupied an essential position in the daily life of Chinese college students.

In the modern society, WeChat Moments’ benefits are reflected in many ways due to the following reasons. First, WeChat Moments can satisfy the emotional and interpersonal needs of the students, which can enrich their life.

Moreover, browsing those links can not only help count our thumbs, but also broaden our horizons and offer us a better understanding of the world. In addition, WeChat Moments provides us with a way to have a better view of contemporary life, which could guide our life and help us to restrain ourselves.

Each coin has two sides. WeChat Moments is not an exception. We are also exactly confronted with a few bad effects brought by it.

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Firstly, WeChat Moments will take up a lot of time and efforts. 40.8% college students spend more than an hour on WeChat Moments every day. Secondly, WeChat Moments can easily lead to confidence crisis. Students might conceal their situation more or less when they use it. From this point, we can see that such a trust relationship is very fragile.

What’s worse, WeChat Moments half-anonymity brings a lot of insecurity factors. Our photos and life habits are easily be used by strangers.

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Last year, 78.2% of the users’ personal identity information and 63.4% of users’ personal online activities have been leaked. Besides, excessive use of WeChat Moments will affect the interpersonal relationship in reality. As differences of the communication way in virtual and reality may cause the emotional alienation between the friends.

However, WeChat Moments itself is a contradictory combination. We shouldn’t simply say advantages outweigh disadvantages or conversely. For example, many college students will get satisfaction trough being praised. More than 52% teenagers have the habit to praise others and 74% teenagers are willing to be praised after updating their WeChat Moments. But at the same time, there are also many college students who will set up access permissions. We not only want to express our emotion and interact with their friends, but also want to keep silent sometimes and protect their privacy. In a word, we are not supposed to just judge the platform. What is the most important of all is that we’d better to find an effective way to deal with it.

In view of the positive and negative influence, I think we could improve the situation from the following aspects. For ourselves, we are supposed to have the ability to balance the virtual and real life. Try to enhance face-to-face communication instead of relying on network. Furthermore, we should lay down the pressure of public opinion. Pay close attention to our mental state. Moreover, we are supposed to form a positive attitude and outlook on life, values and the world. Try to be civilized, law-abiding, optimistic and moderate. What’s more, the WeChat operator, the government and relevant departments should increase the intensity of supervision to ensure the users’ privacy and economy security.

In a word, the development of technology should also be the process of improving people’s living standard. Even though there are both advantages and disadvantages to use WeChat Moments. I firmly believe that if we manage to make good use of it, we will make it serve our life better.

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