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The Antz Film

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (323 words)
Categories: Film
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In the Antz film where a large colony is separated by workers and soldiers once they are born. Z an ant that has different ideas in mind and questions everything that he does. During the film, three types of government were portrayed in the film which are monarchy, communism and democracy. Each type of government has its own system where different groups or people are in charge.

Monarchy was shown in the film when the Queen oversaw the whole colony.

The Queen is the head of the colony in which other ants look up to, but she does not have much power. She is a figurehead in the movie and rarely gets to make any choices. She is simply there to just rule the colony and allow her daughter, Princess Baba to become the next Queen.

The General Mandible a dictator and his belief of having the perfect government resembles like a Communist government.

He makes most of the decisions in the colony and everyone else which includes the workers and soldiers are to follow his orders. He told his soldiers that it was bad to act as an individual. His dream was the strong to rise above the weak and wash away the past.

The last type of government shown was democracy, Z told the other workers “why be told to do something when you can decide” Z would lead a revolution to overthrow the General. Once he was overthrown, the changes done would establish a democracy. The colony would recognize the good that comes from individualism and give the freedom to every ant.

The ideal form of government would be democracy. The reason why is that every ant should have their own rights, let their voice be heard instead of always listening to the dictator telling them to do what they are forced to do. There will still be some rules to follow but each one will make their own choices.

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