"In Flanders Fields" A symbolism analysis

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"In Flanders Fields" is about World War I victims in the cemetery. When we read it, we are indicated to feel compassion for the dead victims of the war who rest in that field since we see their terrific lives before the war and how it was ended combating for their nation. We are supposed to consider them and keep in mind the war and all other wars and live fully the life they made for us. We are supposed continue what they did.

The deceased in this poem are afraid that we will not remember them and won't carry on their efforts and patriotism, even though the poppies grow in the graveyard for remembrance. We have to carry on the torch for them and for ourselves. From this poem, we also feel the worry of dying since those in this poem who once lived and combated for their nation are now absolutely nothing however crosses in a graveyard.

This poem uses figurative language to get its very poignant message across.

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Generally, it brings the dead back to life to tell this poem. The very first verse of the poem provides visual imagery of the graveyard. The poppies blowing in between the crosses are symbolic of remembrance. The larks, "still bravely singing," are personified to express bravery, which is a human feeling. The "weapons listed below" are the events held for these guys who fearlessly fought. Generally we are shown the appeal of the graveyard and signs of individuals keeping in mind the deceased.

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The 2nd verse presents the leader to not only their death, however also their life.

Suddenly we feel sympathy for the young people buried here, whose lives were ruined by terrible warfare. In the third stanza we are shown the anguish of their spirits. They are brought to life in this poem to send us their message. Their "failing hands" can not of course literally throw a torch, which is symbolic of the war effort and patriotism. This is simply meant to represent the legacy that they are leaving behind them. This stanza is a paradox of the first, saying that peace and remembrance does not come from mere ceremony, but from us living out their legacy. The message in this poem is for all to live and understand.

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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