Adding Summer Vacation to Parenting Plan for School-Aged Kids

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Summer break is an amazing time for school-aged children. For those lucky enough to live in Florida, this means visits to the beach, amusement parks, and concerts in the park. Unfortunately, summer break can put a lot of stress on parents- especially those with a parenting plan.

Utilizing a time-sharing agreement during the school year can be simpler for those parents who work, and challenging when school lets out for the summer. In the face of these issues, preparing for summer vacation may mean a need for a change in your parenting plan.

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Contacting your Orlando Child Custody Attorney well in advance of the summer break will give parents and the court time to craft an agreement that will cover all issues that come with being out of school for the summer.

Tips To Create a Summer Parenting Plan

Begin Planning Early

As with all issues pertaining to parenting, planning is the key to creating an appropriate parenting plan. When creating your plan, your Orlando Child Custody Attorney will need to take into consideration how summer break will change your schedule.

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With children no longer in school, parents will have to modify visitation schedules, pick up and drop off times, and schedule family vacations.

Keep Open Lines of Communication

Communication is key to any relationship. Even though you can no longer be a couple, you must maintain a positive relationship for your children. By communicating openly and honestly, you can overcome potential issues that could cause hiccups with your parenting plan. Open communication helps you to find quick resolutions when issues arise. If things come up, such as your spouse wanting to take an extended vacation that bleeds into your custody time, communicating with your spouse ahead of time can make this process go more smoothly. You may need to adjust your visitation days to accommodate their vacation and they will then be able to do the same for you.

Mediate When Necessary

Even when you have worked hard to create a level of open communication with your partner, there are times when issues simply cannot be resolved. If these issues arise, you may need to seek mediation. Seeking this type of resolution instead of going straight to the courts may be a better option. Your Orlando Child Custody Attorney can help to guide you through the mediation process and if it falls apart- will guide you to the next step towards resolution.

Contact an Orlando Child Custody Attorney

Whether your parenting agreement needs tweaking due to summer break, the holidays, or if your children have outgrown your current plan- contact your Orlando Child Custody Attorney to help draft a new agreement that will benefit your family.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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