Summer Vacation in the Philippines

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Hello there! Are you now planning for your next Summer Vacation in the Philippines? Checkout our list of Hotels in the Philippines for your accommodation needs. It’s more fun in the Philippines for the international market and the hash tag “#1 for fun Philippines” for the local market to replace the highly successful “Wow Philippines” brand campaign to boost the country’s tourism marketing strategy. Both catchy slogans were coined by the world-famous BBDO Guerrero Proximity Philippines advertising agency to answer the inquiry “Why the Philippines?” The country hopes to attract 12 million foreign travelers/visitors to come to the Philippines up to the year 2016 when President Benigno S.

Aquino III leaves Malacanang. Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez said the new brand campaign was presented to the President and some members of his Cabinet some three weeks ago. He said President Aquino was appreciative of it.

Jimenez added that he requested more funds from the President to boost DOT’s only P2 billion budget.

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“We at DOT need some more funds to push the brand campaign. And we also need help from the social media; all forms of media to participate and make it a success. If tourism creates thousands of jobs, then we can even expect our children to be working in the hospitality industry in the coming years,” he said. The two slogans were launched Friday by the Department of Tourism (DOT) to boost the number of foreign and local tourists/visitors in the Philippines this year. Jimenez said that everybody should participate in spreading the brand campaign since it for the country’s economic growth, especially since there is worldwide economic slowdown.

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The Tourism secretary happily cut short his speech to announce to media that “It’s more fun in the Philippines” is already trending worldwide on Twitter media minutes after the slogan was unveiled. Jimenez also announced that the Philippines will stay competitive by offering extended visas.

“Starting this year, there will be no more 21-day visas and if competitions offer 30-day visas, that’s what we’ll offer and give on arrival starting April 2012.” Jimenez emphasized that what makes it more fun in the Philippines is the Filipino’s special gift for transforming a beautiful place into an unforgettable special place. ‘You take two identical islands, put Filipinos in one and it’s going to be more fun there. It’s the truth, we are more fun as a people.” He took cognizance of the fact that Filipinos, no matter the circumstances they’re in, they are always smiling, hospitable and most of all, a caring people which endears them to foreigners. “We are the most caring people on earth, that is why we are favorites in the medical and nursing professions abroad,” he said.

He talked of “It’s more fun in the Philippines” as encouraging Filipinos to make it their own campaign by playing around with it in their heads. “Think of what a tourist wants to do like hiking, scuba diving and perhaps, planking. Definitely, it’s more fun in the Philippines, whatever is the activity a tourist wants to undertake.” Jimenez cited an example like next year, DOT hopes to buy space over a parking lot in New York City with a billboard that shows bancas lined up along the beach of Puerto Galera with the people laughing. Their bancas have funny names like ‘Tom Cruises’ and the headline says, “Parking. It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

Hello there! Are you now planning for your next Summer Vacation in the Philippines? Checkout our list of Hotels in the Philippines for your accommodation needs. The Department of Tourism vowed reforms and continued development in the industry and further pledged that this resort island will remain part of the country’s premier tourism map. In his one page letter to the Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI) dated July 14, new DOT Secretary Alberto Lim said that he would unveil the reforms and development in the coming months based on the development agenda of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. “Let me assure you and your members that Boracay remains among the jewels of Philippine tourism, and it will remain in the order of priorities under this new administration,” Lim said.

The DOT chief had written a letter to the BFI after he received criticism from his earlier statement in the media describing Boracay Island as an over-developed tourism destination. He said that he would not issue a public apology on his statement. He, however, emphasized that his primary concern is that tourism development must adhere with the environmental and sustainable development. Lim, in his letter, also promised to meet with the Boracay stakeholders soonest to discuss with them the plans and programs of the new administration. Members of the BFI have yet to issue an official statement in reaction to the letter of Lim.

Travel to Philippines and discover the wonders of the country. Come across the beautiful world-class white sand beach resorts like Boracay and Panglao. Visit the well-known and enchanting diving spots in Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, Puerto Galera, Subic and Coron Bay. Uncover the captivating view of the volcanoes in Taal, Albay and Negros and mountains like Baguio where travel adventure seekers want to go. Explore the hundreds of scenic tourist destinations that Philippines can offer. Philippines is one of the travel destinations in Asia that foreigners want to spend their vacation holidays. Because of the tropical settings that the Island Philippines is located, people around the world want to experience the enchanting and romantic moment living in the paradise. Etravel Pilipinas will give you an overview to the Philippine travel directions, travel guide, travel accommodations and travel tips in the Philippines.

Witness the amazing Philippine festivals and events that Filipinos are celebrating. Philippines celebrate hundreds of colorful and electrifying festivals all year round. Every City and Town celebrates different festivals or fiesta in different dates and different culture and tradition. There are many festivals in the Philippines. Join us in celebrating the Philippine festivals and experience these exciting events that captivates the unifying power of the festive spirit. Sinulog in Cebu, Masskara in Bacolod, Ati-atihan in Kalibo and Moriones in Marinduque are one of those popular festivals in the Philippines. Street dancing is one the most popular event in the festival in which is also the highlight of the festivities. Different group competes in each other wearing colorful costumes with those electrifying dance moves.

Travel to Philippines and experience the richness of culture, history and heritage. These are among the tourist attractions that the country is offering to business and leisure tourist travelers. Tourist will experience the cultural, historical and architectural heritage when they travel around the country in their business trips or leisure adventure travel to the Philippines. Philippine culture that are handed down in generations from our ancestors. Historic events from Pre-Spanish period up to the present. Architectural designs of buildings and houses that are build since the Spanish Period that visitors want to catch a glimpsed of its beautiful structure.

Philippines people are known for its hospitality. Tourists and guest are always welcome in their homes. Filipino people are very friendly, well-educated accommodating and fun-loving. Tourist can communicate well because most of the people in the Philippine understands and can communicate in English.

If you are a timeshare owner you know how it can make enjoying that Philippine vacation you’ve been wanting more trouble than it’s worth. And trying a sell timeshare strategy can end up being financial trouble on top of it all. What you should do is get rid of timeshare obligations by using the guaranteed timeshare exit solution service at Timeshare Relief and plan the vacation in the Philippines you want.

The Philippines offers everything you could ever desire on a paradise getaway from strolling along sandy white beaches to fascinating scuba diving adventures. A timeshare in this region will give you the opportunity to explore the enchanting mountains and tropical warm waters year after year. Timeshares are the perfect way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore the rich legacy of the Philippines islands. Let the luxurious and exotic appointments unfold around you as you breathe in the aroma of sampaguita, the national flower of this beautiful country. Travel Philippines right now and by your next vacation you can be strolling the white sandy beaches of Boracay Island or diving Puerto Galera.

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