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In today’s economy where knowledge and skills demand are rising, it is also the responsibility of an organization’s human resource team to analyze and ensure they recruit the most appropriate candidate for the job. Organisations have been seeking, attracting and retaining the best talents available in order to overcome the competitive challenges that they are facing today.

Apart from achieving the strategic goals and objectives of an organization, human resource management (HRM) also plays a part in the output of a company performance as it lays down strategic decisions, policies, as well as systems, that may affect the most important asset in the organization, its employees (Armstrong, 2008, p.


In this assignment, it will reference to Ritz Carlton that is one of the most successful organizations that have acknowledged their human resource (employees) as the most important asset to achieve goals and objectives. The focus on human resources into recruiting, selecting and development has aided them to achieve several worldwide recognition awards such as the gold standard of hospitality (The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, 2011).

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Recruitment and Selection

Hellriegel and Slocum (2007, p.161) states that Ritz Carlton knows the type of employees they are looking for in every job position, and is careful to only employ those who display the skills and behavior required to accomplish the job. Ritz Carlton has always been successful in selecting and recruiting the most suitable talents to their organisations that will fit into their cultures, values and service standard that is crucial in maintaining or even heighten the standard of Ritz Carlton.

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With positions that require employees to be on the front line to interact and serve guests, it is of utmost importance that an employee is able to provide the level of service required to meet or exceed the satisfaction level of the guests as failing to do so may result in negative feedback, leading to poor company performance. In the success of Ritz Carlton, its employees had played a significant role by blending into the organization’s culture, abiding by the organization’s value and philosophy, to create a unique and pleasant experience for its guests.

Training & Development

A well planned and structured training not only provides information and direction to accomplish specific tasks related to organizational needs and objectives, it also leads to behavioral change and improvement in job performance (Vaughn, 2005, p.2)

In Ritz Carlton, be it current employees or new hires, employees are provided with an array of opportunities to learn and develop skills to facilitate and enhance employee performance. In the case of an employee in management role, training could lead him to better decision-making skills for both himself, and for the organization. For employees in the non-management positions, training could include developing the necessary skills, knowledge, the right mindset, as well as the abilities to resolve problems. Today, with the numerous awards won for its legendary services, Ritz Carlton had proven that its employees had been consistent in demonstrating the skills, knowledge, and behavior obtained via training.

With their heavy focus on human resources training and development, employees are more equipped and knowledgeable in tackling problems, changes or any obstacles while performing their tasks which will lead to increased productivity which may be crucial for organizations that may need constant improvement.

Employee Retention

For an organization to be relying very much on its employees Ritz Carlton have not only provided a unique work environment, it has also recognized the needs to prioritize the health and well-being of its employees as a mean to retain its talented employees. By being able to retain the talented individuals in the organizations, Ritz Carlton will be able to invest their capital more efficiently as they do not need to waste time and money on new hires and re-trainings. High-turnover rate of any organisation will be disruptive and non-productive for the work environment that will might slow down or affect the growth of the organisation.

Therefore, retaining the best talent within the organisation is also crucial for any organisations. Ritz Carlton is a good example as they create a very good working environment as they respect others and in return, receive the respect from others with their famous motto “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentleman”. (The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, 2011).

Employee Compensation

Career development plans, opportunities to promote within the organization, complimentary employee meals and retirement plans are just some of the benefits offered by Ritz Carlton to motivate its employees. Apart from that, Ritz Carlton had also recognized the need to respond to the needs of its employees by getting employee feedback. By having motivated employees, Ritz Carlton had also gained a competitive edge by having more loyal and committed employees who would go the extra mile to get their job done.


Human Resource (employees) is the greatest asset to an organization as they contribute directly to the growth of an organizations. With capable and talented employees in the workforce, an organization can benefit greatly as its employees could make critical and responsible decisions that determines the progress of an organization. However, an effective and efficient human resource strategy needs to be implemented for both employees and organization to fully benefit from it. In the example of Ritz Carlton where its employees are its greatest asset, its human resource department has taken further measurements by analyzing and identifying the requirements of an individual who can perform the job.

With the right attitude and beliefs, its employees are given a wide array of opportunities to learn and develop skills via training which would lead to increased productivity and efficiency. In an attempt to retain its top talents, Ritz Carlton had also been successful in providing attractive benefits, as well as a distinctive work environment, so as to keep its employees motivated, loyal and committed. To conclude, Ritz Carlton had been remarkably successful in its strategy of using its employees as its greatest asset to achieve its goals and objectives.


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