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In this rapid growing corporate world, time management is one of the essential ingredient and a pre-requisite for using time efficiently without postponing or delaying things that can be performed immediately without delay. In this process of time management, HR recruitment plan is one of the issue that takes lot of time, in scrutinizing the resumes, covering letters, interviewing candidates, short listing is a huge job in HR recruitment plan.

The job of HR Manager does not end with recruitment whereas providing training to employees, feeding all the new recruitments into the database, preparing salary slips and distributing sheets of duties and responsibilities is further an organizational duty of HR Manager.

Depending on the volume of organization, HR department can handle recruitments independently or consider the assistance of HR resources who undertake recruitment responsibility viz, Mercury e-recruit which helps corporate sector to cut costs in recruitment, to find best talent, and even provides a measuring scale for performance appraisal, evaluation ,360?

Feedback and psychometrics. In this case, there is only a period of 90 days to recruit 75 people both for top management positions and for lower level management. In such instance, seeking guidance and assistance from an HR e-recruit organization is the best decision which filters and shortlists the candidates for first, second and final round of interview and to select best talented candidates.

Conclusion Further common proficiency tests, IQ, EQ and SQ tests have to be conducted whether candidates are physically fit, mentally healthy and dynamically active to perform duties and responsibilities and also possess initiative attitude to shoulder new tasks in the organization.

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