How we can solve the environment issue?

Everyone is busy in their life even a single person has no time to think about the planet and the environment; they just think all going well. With the assist of business society and planet subject, I got a lot of information like how we can solve the environment related issue because making an assignment I research on YouTube, Google and in books.

I always very excited to attend this class because I find out so many things related my day to day life like what things I am using and which things are better for me and our environment.

In this lecture, I got knowledge of how our footprint effects the global as a whole. I saw this topic is very interesting and knowledgeable and after finishing my class I was too much excited to watch my footprint. On the next day, when I aopened the link and saw my Footprint which is given in Moodl. After that, I totally shocked and surprised to see my poor result and in the evening time, I told about my footprint to my husband that I am using 3.

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9 planets. Apart from that I analysis that if we will consume and waste all material just closing our eyes so, it will become very difficult for the future generation. By doing this, a new generation will only watch things in video and read in books about forest and sea. We will have to become the sustainable type of person for save and safe our beautiful nature.

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The next topic which I choose is 'the story of stuff' written by Annie Leonard on topic was boring when it starts in class but after a few minutes, this topic became very interesting just because of my lecturer. Our teacher Joyti Sharma gave a lot of information on this topic, she showed different types of video in class. In addition, there are 5 stages of story of stuff. Everyone thinks that the all system look like OK, there is no problem and everything is going in a good way but this is wrong thinking of people. This video thought us that reuse, recycle and reduce thing which is very important not only for us but the environment also.

I also get information about sustainable development goals for people and planet.

  • First and foremost goal is no poverty, no poverty means to provide equal opportunity to the poor and rich people and give goods and services on low price where everyone can live life and in my point of view, the government must give a job at least one member of the family.
  • Zero hunger or no hunger, it means no one can sleep without eating the food and healthy and affordable food should be provided to all. Please think once a time to throw away food how food grows.
  • Good health and well being, good health play a very important role in living an excellent life as well as become a good human being.
  • Quality education, providing a quality education is the foundation for creating sustainable development. Those children cannot go do not get an education so we should motivate them that without education we are nothing in this world and provide a better quality of education.
  • Gender equality, we can see that women and girls suffer from discrimination and violence in the entire world. Both man and women have a right to live their life in own way. It is the foundation of a peaceful sustainable world
  • Clean water and sanitation, everyone knows that without water we cannot live so why we are wasting and polluted water. Every year half of the percentage dies including children only drinking polluted water.
  • Affordable and clean energy, these days we can see that energy is essential for every major challenge like food production, in our workplace and house. So we should use affordable energy and save energy like wind power, solar power and renewable.
  • Decent work and economic growth, half of the population still have no job so sustainability economic growth will require society to create the condition that everyone has a job and non-discrimination between people.
  • Industry, innovation and instruction, technology plays a significant role in achieving an environmental objective like increased resource as well as built resilient infrastructure.
  • Reduced inequalities, men and woman have same right to live their life but I saw a lot of time in some families girls and women have no permission to go out whenever they go outside then one man member go with them so we will raise our voice against discrimination for making sustainable development.
  • Sustainable cities and Communities, we can see that every individual prefers to live cities because of the attraction of beautiful buildings, so according to me, the government should provide a more public place for the people and provide sustainable Transportation which is useful for all human binges.
  • Climate action must be taken by individual because after getting information on a different resource I found that we are using so many natural resources like wood plastic and so on. That's why climate change happens like flood tsunami earthquake.
  • Life below water and life on land, I think every creature has their life so people throwing rubbish on land and sea and ocean and polluted the water by doing so they kill them. Apart from that, I think, at least one tree must be planted by everyone on birthday.
  • Peace, justice and strong, institution, I think to use your light to choose a good leader for making who can make a good decision related to the public like rule and regulation, awareness and provide good transport system to the public doing this, sustainable society can be made.
  • The most important goal is a partnership for the goals, without partnership, we cannot make a sustainable environment and society. A successful sustainable development only when the partnership between government and the private sector.
Updated: Aug 10, 2021
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