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How to Prevent Animal Extintion

Categories: AnimalExtinction

I think preventing animal extinction is one of the most important and serious problems in the world today. Do you know some animals are disappearing year by year. According to an Internet article, 19817 animals are designated as an endangered species. Besides that 63837 species of animal are also registered on Red Book. It means the ecological food chain is breaking, so we have to think about how to prevent animal extinction. This essay will explain why people have to know how to prevent animal extinction because human are the main cause of animal extinction, as we over hunt.

First of all, human beings are the main cause of animal extinction.

We are producing pollution which affects the environment. For example, releasing waste water into the river and the sea, the leaking of petroleum from the ship into the sea, and air-pollution from factories. Those factors are also related not only to animal extinction but our ability to live comfortably. However we know that we will not be able to live without modern science.

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It means our life rely on modern science more than expected, so we need to think about what can we do for the animal extinction. I think it is a duty and obligation of everybody to help prevent animal extinction.

People must be educated to know about the negative effect like loss of some animal species and the impact on human way of life and a chain of life. For instance, Birds eat insects and insects eat plants and vegetables.

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If there are fewer birds, there will be a lot of insects. If there are too many insects, insects will eat many plants and vegetable. Then we will not have enough food to eat. Therefore we need to avoid this situation, we have to know what we have done to them and we need to change our life-style. Secondly, we have been over-hunting, because we do it for our advantage.

For example, some animals are for a coat, some animals for medicine especially their fangs and nails. Some of them are as a pet. Some of them are for eating. Therefore some of animals become a target of hunters, because those animals can sell expensively. Surely there is a law which is to protect those animals like Washington convention. However, there are still so many hunters around the world illegally, so this is also big problem. According to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), if we want those items more and more, the poaching will get worse for sure, so firstly we should not think that we want those items.

If we do this, the value of those items will be getting cutting down. Therefore hunters will not be able to live only this. It means we can protect some animals Thirdly, we need to be more strict about the laws to protect animals and protect people to destroy development. It will help animal’s life more safely. In addition, it will help environmental issues. According to However if we do it , some of people will not be able to live as they have in the past like fisher and hunter, so there might be a lot of naysay, but preventing extinction is going to be great for them especially people who work with nature.

Not only them, but also we as members of society have to think about the importance of more strict law. It will become reduced our society for sure. In conclusion, preventing animal extinction is one of the important and serious problem in the world today, but even if it is a really big problem, we should not stop thinking about animals and natures, because we cannot live only us. We are always given great things from them. That is way we need to prevent animal extinction. If you can do for them, why do not we take the first step towards solution?

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