How technology may harm children?

Technology has become a way of life for everyone, from adults to children. Almost all kids these days have their faces glued onto a screen. Television is one example of this that is most common among the younger generation. Abusing technology like this can lead to health problems, wasting valuable time and potentially violent behavior in the future.

One of the main problems of kids watching television is that it causes health-related issues. Sitting idly in one place for a long period of time can cause children becoming obese in the future. This is because when they are sitting, there is a lack of physical activity or movement. They also often tend to munch on a lot of snacks unconsciously which leads to gaining unwanted weight. The snacks they eat are usually unhealthy, which means that this can affect the child’s diet. Not only that, but there are harmful rays that come out of the screen. Study proves that these rays can lead to eyesight problems, especially on kids.

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Adding on to that, kids waste precious time in their lives when they’re watching a large amount of television. At this young age, the child’s brain is still developing. Thus, it is very important for them to develop some crucial skills. These skills are very important. However, wasting time on this useless activity restricts the brain from developing skills and takes away the time where it should actually be doing so. Not to mention the fact that this also decreases the time spent with family and friends.

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If the child is not socially interacting with others, this can cause the child to become socially awkward later when they grow up.

Another important effect is that there is a chance of potential violent behavior of the child. Most of the shows shown on television have a lot of inappropriate content for instance aggressiveness and fighting, even in shows meant for kids. The child sees this and thinks that this kind of behavior is okay. They’re inspired by what is shown and want to try it in real life. They later adapt to this kind of behavior. How much ever the parents try to control what their child watches, there is exposure to inappropriate content. The child may even be traumatized later due to this content.

This doesn’t mean that children shouldn’t have entertainment at all by not letting them watch television. It is important to set limits. When these limits are crossed, there can be a lot of negative effects of television on children. Poor health, loss of useful time, and the risk of violent behavior are a few of many examples.

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