Does advertising help or harm us?

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Advertisements are a great way to make people aware of products, issues, and more, But advertising become a problem to society. It gets us to spend all kinds of money on products and things that we really do not need.

First, Advertising is harmful to the mental health of the majority of population across the world because it puts teenagers and children especially in doubt of their worth and beauty. For example, there are so many advertisements out there showing “perfect” woman, and this just makes young girls feel badly about themselves.

It’s like telling them that they have to buy products to look pretty or smart and to be able to being accepted in society. So, this can lead to bigger issues.

Second , Advertisements are everywhere people go. It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without seeing an advertisement because the sheer volume of advertising in our society is incredible. for instance , You cannot watch television, ride on a bus or even walk down the street without someone trying to sell you something or inform you of something.

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People do not like so much of advertising in their lives. It sets their minds buzzing what to buy and what not to buy.

Advertising is an exploitative tool, No one really needs any of the items on sale and it takes away the real sense of choice. Due to these reasons I feel ads is harmful. So, Take a stand and don’t let advertising harm your life.

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Does advertising help or harm us?

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