How My Teachers Influenced On My Life After High School

Throughout numerous years of public and private education, students obtain teachers who are all diverse through their teaching methods and attitudes. For examples there’s has been a lot of teachers and professors that I have had in my life most of them are wonderful but some not that pleasant to have as a teacher. Different teachers thorout my life have impacted my life in many different ways. I will argue that the teachings styles and advice of different professors I have had has greatly affected my perspective on my life.

For example, Ms. Luna, my Science teacher form elementary school used to be so bad to everybody. In addition when she would ask “any questions” and someone would raise their hand to ask a question, she would get mad over the fact that she had already had gone over that topic. In addition because she would get mad if the students would ask anything. The students would prefer to stay with the dude that to actually go over the teacher to understand the topic that she was explaining.

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In the other hand, I have had really good teachers that had help me out a lot. For instance Ms.Guerrero my English teacher from middle school help me out a lot. The seventh grade was the first year I ever went to a school in the United States of America. All the past years of my life I spent it in a private school in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The first couple of years were hard because I didn’t really understand that much English language.

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I only knew the most basic words in the English language. Ms.Guerrero was the one that tough me most of the English vocabulary I know today. She showed me many different ways and techniques to be able to speak more fluently and without fear of messing up. She also gave the confidence in that topic to pass the Staar Test. In addition she encouraged me to have good grades in all my classes and to join the National Honor Society in Middle school.

Under other conditions, I have had fair teachers that I like the way they teach. For example, Mr.Ibarra used to be my Bim professor back in the tenth grade. He would teach us relevant stuff that was going in around the world at the moment. He would always kick off the class by putting CNN student news on the projector. After that, we would discuss the topics that we believe would be the most relevant to society and sometimes do assignments or presentations of the topic that he decided. That class was great the only downside was that he would give us so many assignments that were due by the end of the block. If it wasn’t for that the class would have been so much better in my opinion.

All in all must of the teachers would change the perspective on life of their students. Depending on the teaching still of the professor we are taking the class with it can change our perspective in many different ways.Throughout all the diverse teaching methods that each teacher can have their will always be one that everyone is going to love and that is being taught with patience and understanding to reach the goal of learning.

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