How health and saftey is moniterd and maintained?

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Assessment Criteria
The learner can:

1. Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services.

There are many factors to consider when planning a healthy and safe indoor or outdoor activity. Such as:

How old is the child
What abilities has the child, do they have any special needs The function and purpose of the service to the child
The duty of care to the child
The desire outcomes for the child
Specific risks to individuals, such as pregnancy, sensory impairments Lines of responsibility and accountability

It is important when an activity is planned that you choose the best environment for it to take place.

E.G. if I planning a bike riding activity:

The appropriate place for this to take place would be outside, not indoors due to lack of space etc.

I would also need to be aware of weather because it is an outdoor activity and rain or fine, hot or cold need different considerations and equipment sometimes resulting in the activity being changed or alternative given.

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I would consider the age and abilities of the child and male sure the correct bike was chosen checking it was in good safe working order.

I would check that the area that was going to be ridden on was and even surface suitable for bike riding and free from obstacles including passing cars and vehicles that might interfere with a safe ride.

I would check the child understood that they could only ride in agreed area where i can observe them at all times.

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I would ensure that there was constant supervision of the child throughout the activity, making sure enough staff were available to meet these needs.

That the child has the correct safety equipment (gloves, helmet etc…)

I would evaluate and consider every risk and avoid them as far a possible but be aware that it is not always possible to control certain risk.

2. Explain how health and safety is monitored and maintained and how people in the work setting are made aware of risks and hazards and encouraged to work safely

Health and safety is monitored and maintained by:

Routine health and safety checks and assessments to be completed by all appropriate members off staff.

Staff completing their assessment/and or checklist for all activities,inside,outside, during visits, trips and outings

All staff receive good tanning in health and safety and are aware off company policies and procedures.

All staff understand how to complete risk assessments and record accurately as well as being able to record + report accidents and incidents.

Checking that police and procedures are reviewed regularly

Making sure everyone in the setting are aware off risk + hazards, this could be by induction training of staff, also buy further training to staff.

By making sure that children receive safety education in a way that their age and ability understand

There should be a designated h&s officer in your workplace

The officer should make regular checks of your work place

If and risk are seen and there are concerns, we have a communication book, intranet and team meetings to discuss.

Put up warning signs if needed

3. Understand how to support children and young people to assess and manage risk for themselves.

Any activity a child does involes some sort of risk, but if well organized and planned, and risked considered then risk of accident or injury should be greatly reduced. It is really important when thinking about risk assessments not to over protect a child.

To give a child life skills they have to learn to manage some risks by themselves and need to know their own limitations and boundaries.

It is therefore necessary for staff etc not to over protect a child, but allow them as safely as possible to release and understand specific risks and giving them the ability to recognize risk and choose for themselves without guidance.

Every child is an individual with their own age, set of specific needs and abilities. All of this must always be considered in anything to do with the child including activates.

The different needs of families and careers must be considered

Make sure it is understood why you are using the environment chosen, what the child might expect from the activity.

You must always have the child’s safety and welfare considered first when arranging an activity. It is a legal obligation for you to provide a duty of care to the child.

Outcomes from the activity such as skills learnt, pleasure and enjoyment and independence, must be weighed up against risk, and these aims and objectives identified as being suitable for the child concerned.

How long the child is going to be at the setting

Which areas of the setting they have access to

Risk assesses activities and the environment, making sure it is suitable for the all the children involved and take extra care when a child has a disability and also with new activities.

4. Explain how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented In own work setting or service.

All staff follow the standards of the Health and Safety at work Act 1974.

It is the employer’s responsibility to put policies and procedures into place that meet these standards.

It is the employees responsibility to follow and work by these policies and procedures

By making sure:

All staff have CRB checks, induction training, regular training sessions and supervisions.

All equipment is stored appropriately and regularly checked to make sure it is safe and fit for purpose. The needs and abilities of all children are met through maintaining adequate facilities and environment Hazards materials and equipment is locked away and COSHH procedures followed.

Gloves are used when dealing with body fluid to prevent cross infection

Systems are in place to ensure safety of children at all times i.e. fire, accidents and illness procedures including reporting and recording.

Staff are trained in first aid and able to deal with minor injuries

There are adequate first aid boxes and fire extinguishers in correct place

Staff are given guidance and training on how to protect themselves, including manual handling and restraint

Staff attend regular mandatory courses on health and safety, food hygiene, first aid administering medication and restraint (team teach).

Staff attend regular staff meetings to keep up with any safety issues and updates

Regular risks assessments are carried out and updated

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