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How Can We Help Promote tourism in Malaysia

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Malaysia has been visited by thousands of tourist from all over the world every year. But tourism in Malaysia can be further developed by promoting many aspects that the country has. Malaysia is a land that has been bestowed with greenery, mountains, beaches and rivers. Its natural landscape itself is a great attraction for foreigners. The sandy beaches in Penang Island, Port Dickson and Morib are holiday retreats for Westerners who are deprived of the sun and sea due to the cold weather in their countries.

The wind whispering through the tall shady casuarinas and lapping sea waves are ideal places for visitors in search of peace and tranquility.

There are natural places which have special attractions for the foreigners to look and enjoy. The Kuala Selangor fireflies is a must to visit. The fireflies in Kuala Selangor are the largest colony in the world. Visitors have to take a boat ride in late evenings to see the fireflies, which lit up the trees in the dark.

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The nocturnal tours in the boats would be a unique experience for any traveler. This unique attraction can be highlighted in the brochures and the websites in the Internet. World- class theme parks like the Sunway Lagoon and Mines Wonderland must be highlighted also. The Sunway Lagoon, which was once a tin mine, has been transformed into a recreational park.

There are also five-star hotels in these places where visitors could enjoy their stay there. Kuala Lumpur the capital city is the ideal place to shop because it promises variety , value and convenience all in one place.

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Malaysian items like pewter and batik can be found at various places for different levels of budget. Names of places and malls so that the visitors have and idea where to go for shopping for certain items. All these aspects can be highlighted in the media especially in the Internet so that visitors can get the right information about Malaysia and would want to visit our country.

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