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Home Or Theatre?

Categories: Theatre

Everybody likes to watch movies no matter what kind of movie we like. Movies entertain us during our free time such as, in the weekends and holydays, in brief movies are a pastime for all people, but the question is what is better watching it at home or at the theater? Transparently, there are some advantages and disadvantages of both. People put these advantages into consideration like the comfort, privacy, and coast. These factors effects the watcher decision of watching it at home or at the theater.

First, comfort is the first factor I would think of when I want to decide whether watching the movie at home or at the theater. In contrast, at the theater the way you want to sit is not an option since the seats are adjusted into a certain position; in addition, there is a limited room for you to sit at the theater seats which is unconfutable. But at home it is a whole different situation.

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While you are watching a movie at home, you decide whether you want to sit on a chair, lying down on the sofa, or even sit on the floor, so you chose the way you are comfortable with. Another thing when it comes to the fact of being comfortable is that you can wear whatever you want at home.

Unlike theaters, at home you can wear your cozy, warm pajamas and watch. while at the theaters or in public you only wear casual clothes to avoid the odd looks people gives you when your something unusual going to the theater.

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Moreover, at home you can use your phone or talk to your friend in a loud voice without annoying or bothering others, but when doing that in theaters; consequently, you might get kicked out obviously because it’s not allowed.

Second, another benefit of watching movies at home is that you can enjoy the privacy. For instance, you can chose your audience such as, your friends you love and the ones you have so much fun with even if the movie is not interesting it won’t feel like this when you are with the your loved ones. Unlike home, you can’t choose your audience at the theater, so you might meet with a friend that annoys you all the time; as a result, you will not have the fun in the theater as much as in home. In addition to the idea of privacy, you can enjoy whatever food you want to eat especially smelly foods like fast food. In movie theaters you can only eat snacks like popcorn and chips because you may bother others with smell of fast food at the movie theater.

Nevertheless, if you choose to watch a movie at home you will have a wide variety of movies to choose what movie you would like to watch and enjoy the most but for example, in theaters sometimes they only have 2 or 3 kinds of movies and you might not like them, so you end up not watching anyone. Controlling the movie setting is another feature that you can’t find at the movie theaters. In fact, at home you can adjust the volume to as much high as you like plus you have the option to pause the movie to stretch or going to the toilet without missing any part of the movie.

Third, when watching a movie at the theater it’s going to cost you more in comparison with watching it at home. In fact, when purchasing a movie ticket at the theater plus snacks you will end up paying $25. However, renting a movie online to watch it at home is going to cost you maximum of $5. In addition, snacks are very cheap outside the theater. For example in theaters when you order a drink and a popcorn you will pay about $7, while outside you can buy 1 pound of popcorn kernels and any big size drink for only $8.

Finally, there are a lot of advantages of watching movies at home but at the same time they are some advantages in the movie theater that you can’t find at home. The first advantage is that will have chance of listing to the movie in a loud high quality advanced sound system. When the sound is too loud you can feel a shake with an explosion that will sound like you’re actually in the middle of the movie. The second feature is that you will have the opportunity of watching the movie in 3D. In the 3D option you can see the characters in 3 diminutions, so it will be more entreating and realistic. Third, the screens in the theater are very wide and that’s why obviously they call them “movie theaters”. Because of the wide screen you can have a bigger picture, so you can gain a better perspective of the surroundings.

In conclusion, both theaters and homes have advantages and disadvantages; in addition, they are much different than each other and have different surroundings. However, in my opinion and based on my own experience I would watch a movie at home because it is more comfort, private, and much cheaper. In brief, the watcher have the privilege and the freedom to make his own environment at home.

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