From Drug Dealer to Author: The Consequences of Our Actions

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“It is not what one does that is wrong, but what one becomes as a consequence of it “, which means the thing you do can turn you into something you’re not. It’s not the crime someone commits it’s if they change or have a positive effect on the consequence. Jack Gantos started hanging with the wrong people, started selling drugs but he didn’t think selling drugs could land him in federal prison. Jack spent his time in jail but he didn’t let jail stop him from writing.

Jack realized he did a crime, he went to prison & got out and changed his life around. Gantos began as a person with lack of supervision, getting involved with the drug culture, he ends up going to jail when he gets out he goes to college and becomes an amazing writer.

Jack’s lack of supervision started when he lived in a hotel in San Juan by himself without his parents, he made housekeeping cleanup for him, went to visit his mom and made her do his laundry.

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Living on his own was a way for him to do what he wanted on his own and when he wanted to which he proved was a way to show his lack of responsibility. Second example of Jack’s lack of supervision is when jack lived in the Bacon’s house, he would turn his music on full blast and not care what no one says. He was sort of taking advantage of the Bacon’s not knowing he was doing it.

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The final example is Jack doesn’t even ask anyone for advice he just starts making the crates with Rick. Jack is selfish and doesn’t want to listen to anyone he does stuff not knowing he could get in trouble. In the case of Jacks lack of supervision he lands himself with 6 years on his jail time. Jack got involved with the wrong crowd and drug culture. Jack and his drug partner Hamilton they smuggled drugs into the USA. He was eager to do anything to get money, he wants to go to college and be a writer and he needs the money to do it. By Jack getting involved with this drug culture he gets caught but Jack doesn’t turn himself in right away he’s on the run but eventually turns himself in.

He eventually finds that jail is scary he has some bad experiences and thinks they might scar him making him think about changing his life. Gantos gets a job as an x-ray tech inside prison. He ends up learning new things. Hearing stories from some of the prisoners and seeing things that disqust him but they teach him a lesson and the readers get a feel on how prison is. Even though Jacks in prison but still continuing his career as a writer. In prison he gets a ship’s log on he uses that to journal in. Gantos began writing in the script log turning it into a diary about his life. In his diary he explains that he did make mistakes and wants his readers not to follow in his footsteps.

While Jack was in school there were kids that came from prison to tell them how it was but Jack made fun of them in the end Jack sees that wasn’t a good idea. When he gets out he changes his life, he gets out, goes to school and becomes a successful writer. From the book “Hole In My Life,” one can learn a lot of tips that should stick with you through life.

The first tip is don’t do drugs they can lead you to heavy trouble and they are bad for you. Another is always have your parents close to you so when you have a question about life you can ask them to see what is right. Third is everyone deserves a second chance. Last one is choose your friend wisely. In the book Gantos states “Feels like in a walking white target with legs.” He also states “In prison I got a second chance to realize I did have something to write about.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023
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