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Bad Effects of Drugs Drugs are a problem in all societies around the world, and have been for centuries. Drug addiction causes many of social problems, and causes many people to suffer from its effects. The problems can be divided into three groups: personal, familial, and societal. The first effect of drugs is addiction. Most drugs cause a very nice feeling called a ‘high’, which makes the drug user do anything to get that feeling again. This is called addiction. On the other hand, many drugs such as cocaine and nicotine cause people to feel very sick if they stop taking the drug.

This is the other side of the addiction. Addiction drives people to do bad things for a high. It makes it very hard for them to think about the future. Drugs can cause mental illness. Casual use of drugs like cannabis and ecstasy often leads to abuse, and people can get depression or other illnesses such as bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.

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Addiction causes people to give up on life. They have no desire to work hard or achieve their goals. People who take drugs often lose their job, and their family, and sleep on the street.

Some drugs, such as glue sniffing, cause a lot of damage to people’s brains. These people do not eat enough food, and become unable to think clearly. They become weak, and it is hard for them to ever get better. Many drug users are abandoned by their families, because the addict causes many problems for them.

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Addicts often steal to pay for their drugs, and the family can be held responsible. Drug users usually don’t help the family with money or cleaning, they can be dirty and aggressive, sometimes violent. They can also have friends who are criminals, who can cause further problems.

When drug users already have a family, the family can suffer because the addict spends all the money, and sells and trades everything they can for drugs. Families of a drug user can lose their reputation, which can make it difficult for young people in the family to get married, and can even cause problems for the family business or the parents’ jobs. One of the worst problems of drugs is when drug users have children. The addicts often do not look after children properly, and the children do not get good food or go to school.

Children need good parents to teach them how to be good people, to study hard and have good values. But children of drug users learn to beg and steal, and to never work, practice good hygiene, or be good to other people. Growing up that way, these children often become drug users like their parents. Drugs cause many problems for the whole society, such as crime, unemployment and homelessness. People who are addicted to drugs usually cannot work, so to pay for drugs, they steal or beg, which causes problems for the whole community.

Sometimes drug users can be violent. Their mind is not clear because of drugs, and they can hurt or kill people for money, or even for no reason at all. The police must spend a lot of their time dealing with the crimes of drug addicts. But it is not just addicts that commit crimes. People who grow, manufacture, transport and sell drugs are committing crimes. In many cases, they earn very large amounts of money from drugs, and they will protect their income with threats, violence and corruption.

They bribe police, judges and officials, so they can continue their illegal business. The fact that they are not working means that they are not providing any benefit for their community; they only take, they do not give anything. If they cannot afford somewhere to live, they sleep on the street, or break into empty houses or businesses to sleep. Often, they create damage and mess wherever they stay. When many drug users are in one area, they can make it not nice, so tourists and customers stay away, and businesses suffer.

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