Hobbies That I Would Like to Share

If you have to ask that, you most likely are not. But that can be even better for the chance of a good life with the person you are about now.Starting a family together means a few years with sleepless nights. Dealing with sick children. Fear for the children. You have to deal with everything together. And there is also living together although you do not always have the same opinion and have different hobbies that you would like to share with each other.

Then everyone is disappointed that the other person does not share his hobbies and everyone is upset that the other person wants to impose his hobbies. I have to find a way. You also have to manage to live a sexually felt life despite everyday stress and different needs. Falling in love does not help at all. That would only be if falling in love was proof that the other person was the right person for all of this.

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But falling in love is only based on sexual attraction and dreaminess. This cannot possibly be evidence of all of the above.

Can you somehow judge that to be appropriate?Naturally, women are looking for a man with whom they will have immune-strong children. Immune-strong people have a good immune system. That protects against diseases. An important aspect of the immune system is the detection of pathogens. This requires strategies. When people with the same immune system have children together, the children have the same immune system again.

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This is not good. The pathogens have already developed new strategies in order not to be recognized. When people with very different immune systems have children together, the children have an expanded immune system that knows more strategies. It's good. It is better able to cope with the new pathogens.

Fertile women smell whether a man has a suitable immune system. On his sweat. It smells very good for them. But it only works properly if he doesn't use perfume and so and she doesn't use the contraceptive pill! The birth control pill interferes with this ability. This pill tricks the body into believing that it is already pregnant. Pregnant women are not fertile and therefore do not have this ability. If the woman herself uses so much perfume that she can no longer notice any other smells, then of course it does not work. If the woman has learned to find the smell of sweat automatically without paying attention to her inner evaluation, then it does not work either. But otherwise it works.

But that says nothing about getting along with each other. You have to talk to each other to find out if you share enough values ​​and hobbies and can accept the differences. Coming from similar family relationships also helps because you then have similar habits. If you come from very different family backgrounds, you have to be more flexible. Both should then be ready for this.

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