History and Development of St. Peter Lifeplan

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Francisco “Tatay” Bautista had learned to deal with life’s hardship at an early age. He lived in a small farmland and worked as a carpenter and farmer in San Mateo and dreamt of a better future after a day’s work sitting on top of a carabao. He grew up into a man fiercely determined to succeed. His triumphs over the impediment that he encountered and his immeasurable trust in God were his source of strength and guidance as he worked his way up making his dream a reality.

B. Planning Stage
Being the known carpenter in their place, the family members of the person who passed away asked him to make casket because during that time, only those who belong to well-known and wealthy families could afford to buy caskets from the casket manufacturing companies. Mr. Bautista saw the discrimination between those who belong to the poor and wealthy families with regards to the quality of funeral services they get when they die.

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So when he got a small capital to start with, he and his beloved wife Basilisa “Nanay” Roque-Bautista founded St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. in Pampanga to cater to the needs of the the poor at the price they can afford. Upon the establishment of their business, they have the following information:

The St. Peter Group of Companies are Death Care Experts, the choice of every Filipino in the delivery of world-class Death Care services – a progressive partner in nation building.

As Death Care Experts and responsible citizens, we commit to improve the quality of life of St.

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Peterians, their stakeholders and the Filipino people.

The key to the long-term success of St. Peter is how well every member of the organization embraces their Corporate Values. * God-centered – As St. Peterians, they are prayerful, sincere, moral and committed in promoting the Word of God, enjoying, loving and consistently modelling a true St. Peterian way of life. * Excellence – Equipped with a winning attitude and resolved to be the best, they commit to achieve peak performance and to stretch their limits through personal and professional development in order for them to offer all they do for the glory of God. * Teamwork - St. Peterians are supportive, assertive, reliable and open to diversity. They build enthusiasm and draw their energies from each other. Their sense of family unites them to become Death Care experts. * Integrity - They are committed to be honest, transparent, credible and to do what is right before God and the country. They are what they value. * Customer Service - They serve each other. They believe that everyone is a customer.

It is their commitment to the plan holders, internal and external partners to be reliable-prioritizing their needs and to innovate their services. * Employee Satisfaction - Engaging their employees, associates, colleagues and partners to bring out the best in them. They are committed to care for their employee’s welfare, growth and development for that brings about a solid sense of proprietorship and pride in what they do. * Professionalism - As St. Peterians, they are objective, disciplined, ethical, respectful, fair and just in all their dealings. They present themselves well in their appearance and words.

The incessant efforts and fortitude of Francisco Bautista bore fruit when he established another company which later on provide world-class Death Care Service- the St. Peter Memorial Chapels, Inc. The main location of the said business is located at No. 296 Quezon Avenue, Roxas District, Quezon City.

St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. continued to grow until it became known nationwide.
They established high-class buildings with complete facilities on different regions and provinces of the country in order to give the satisfaction-maximizing services to their customers. They hired more employees with higher salaries than before to manage their businesses and branches.

With over 40 years of experience in Death Care on 2005, St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. had branches and mortuary tie-ups, or affiliations with funeral service companies in every major city and key areas all over the Philippines. It led the industry by ranking first in gross sales in the life plan category of the pre-need industry selling over 25,000 plans in 2003.

On April 27, 2010, the St. Peter Mega Chapel in Cebu City was launched. It is the newest and one of the largest funeral complex in Visayas. It is strategically located at the New Imus Street near Ayala Cebu Centre. This Mega Chapel is a spacious and fabulous building with an ambiance which is close to a 5-star Hotel and features amazing architectural designs and a relaxing atmosphere. It features spacious and elegant viewing rooms, a caske showroom and a state-of-the-art crematorium that uses hi-tech and eco-friendly cremation machines. A room which can hold more than 350 visitors, St. Peter Mega Chapel can be an alternative reception venue for any occasion. With its excellent facilities and genuine customer service, ST. Peter Chapels is truly world-class.

Since its inception in 2006, a total of two hundred ninety four St. Peterian Embalmers have passed the Embalmer’s Licensure Examination through the Embalmer’s Licensure Program of St. Peter Chapels. It aims to professionalize the embalming profession not only in every St. Peter Chapels but also in the Philippine DeathCare Service industry.

St. Peter now operates three (3) elite memorial chapels in the heart of commercial district of Quezon City, Cebu City and Davao City which have been providing professional and traditional services to the public for over 42 years. Currently, there are more than 200 St. Peter Chapels ready to serve
the public with superior quality memorial services nationwide. St. Peter Life Plan Inc. has also St. Peter Cremation Plan now with the office located at Quezon City. St. Peter Chapel is one of the seven distinguished winners of the 2012 Asian Funeral Expo (AFE) Awards, the premier award for the funeral industry across the Asia-Pacific region. Saint Peter Life Plan, Inc. continues to excel in its role in society as being The DeathCare Experts, by maintaining its leadership in the DeathCare industry and in product development in the market such as Customized At-Need and Pre-Need Packages, Death Event Management and similar Pre-Need Plans.

On top of its superb DeathCare services, St. Peter Chapels is also known for its innovative value-added services collectively referred to as the St. Peter eServices, specially: 1. eBurol (online viewing),

2. eLibing (online interment)’
3. Timeless Tribute (life-story audio-visual presentation) and, 4. St. Peter’s Gate (memorial networking site).

The St. Peter Group of Companies always strive to provide reliable and outstanding DeathCare services not just for the Filipino but also for any nationality who will be needing immediate services anytime and anywhere in the Philippines.

The St. Peter Group of Companies continues to support its employees by providing them opportunity for their professional growth and development. The Management Development Program (MDP), dubbed as “Unlad Talento”, is designed to help St. Peter employees to better understand the business environment and further sharpen their knowledge, skills and attitude towards different areas of management. MDP is a ten-month long program of courses in the Masters of Business Administration curriculum and is facilitated by Mr. Albert Buenviaje, Dean of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business and also the St. Peter MDP Program Director. This year, fifty participants from various St. Peter Chapels and offices nationwide were carefully selected to undergo this learning opportunity.

As part of the company’s value for employee satisfaction, a new healthcare program was launched to respond to the needs of SPLPI employees to face family illnesses safely and with confidence. All employees will continue to receive exactly the same health benefits with the bonus of access to safe and affordable healthcare benefits for their qualified dependents. The company takes care of hospital bills.

St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. is taking another step forward to help eliminate the effects of El Niño and greenhouse gases. St. Peter, with the support of Green Earth Foundation, Inc. (GELFI) launches ’’Soul Trees’’ a carbon off-setting program which aims to plant new trees and save our environment. This program represents their care for Mother Nature with strong commitment to protect it. It aims to further provide public awareness on the importance of a holistic approach to agro forestry and community development through actively engaging in re-forestration most especially to areas most impacted by deforestation. St. Peter employees and officers take part in planting a total of 70,000 trees in Luzon as the Soul Trees Project begins.

Another St. Peter initiative to reduce carbon dioxide emission is the conversion of their Suburban hearses from Petrol to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) operated engines. ST. Peterians also actively advocate Earth Hour – a global event organized by World Wide Fund. It encourages households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change.

The company dreams to continue their success and prosperity for decades to come. At this point in time, St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. plans to expand the business by adding more branches all over the Philippines to extend and further improve their services to every Filipino home.

Basically, St. Peter Life Plan Inc. now has four kinds of business: The Life
Insurance Plan; the Casket Manufacturing Business which is located in Pampanga; the St. Peter Chapels that provides funeral services; and the Crematory business.

Based on the previous information, St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. began as a small business operated by a carpenter-farmer named Francisco Bautista. From a small business, it evolved into a larger business and became a company. It became known from the different places in the Philippines and became more successful and progressive.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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