Culture's Impact on Art, Fashion, and Society

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By contrast, the concept of culture is a critical aspect of defining human society. Therefore, human society, culture is defined as the knowledge and characteristics of different societies encompassing cuisine, social habits, language, music and arts among other aspects. Above all, culture is considered as the determinant of social environment, although the understanding consists of different alterations

Notably, there are distinctions in understanding the different levels of cultures, defining the culture ideas, and evaluating the precise definitions of high and low culture.

Cultural concepts focus on exploring the delineating of high and low culture, and their engagement with the present day society. Moreover, the concepts also differentiate high and low culture. Understanding the cultural concepts also requires analyzing the technological reproduction effects, and analyzing the connection between high and low culture. High culture comprises of aesthetic value cultural products, which societies consider as exemplary art. On the other hand, low culture is considered a type of popular culture that boasts immense societal acceptance (Benjamin, et al, 2008).

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In regards to the high culture, the components are linked with a conventional form of art such as sculpting and painting. However, on the low culture or the popular culture, display value is highly emphasized Low culture is deemed to lack creativity and thus considered as the lowest form of art. In comparison, the notable difference between the high culture and the low culture lies in content. Also, the two cultures are differentiated by understanding each culture's initial purpose and each cultures products meaning (Fontana, 2003).

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Therefore, from the outlined notion of understanding, in the creations of high culture, the observer is required to evaluate the work by employing precise and fault-finding viewpoint. Contrarily, low culture work expresses anti-enlightenment in the viewer's perspective and acts as a source of distraction which is embraced by society. Conscious ideas are portrayed through art, which means that symbols are an essential tool in human belief systems. There are different types of symbols in art which include color symbolism and hand symbolism, that are employed to express different meanings. However, the symbols consist of different connotations depending on the geographical and cultural variations of different regions. For example, thumbs up meannsult in countries like Greece, West Africa and Russia. Moreover, in other parts of the world such as the Mediterranean, the Texas longhorn sign signifies infidelity. According to Fontana2003, symbols are considered as abstract figures that derive from unconsciousness unaccompanied by the illusion of the world. Santiago, 1999). In line with this, the contemplated as engagements by responsive minds. Therefore, through the conscious the images and shapes are intended to access the unconscious mind. The images and designs are employed to mediate and project the deeper meaning of the conscious or the unconscious.

High culture is classified as visual arts, music, photography, and design. On the other hand, art is derived from human activities established with the aim of provoking the human senses. Art stimulates human minds through ideas and targeting consumer’s minds and emotions. Professional designers execute their tasks flawlessly by consuming the ideas and the emotions and molding them into what is referred to as the new lines or collections (Batchelor, 2009). Therefore, the influence of up and coming trends is based on arts. This means that clothes and followed trends are in most cases associated with materialism and super ficialisIn fashion design, fleeting styles or trends endure minimal dominance in the markets; However, fashion is affiliated with the broader aspects of society. These aspects include economy, culture, labor system, class, and religion. Above all, a design also provides aplat form for the consumers to express themselves through showcasing their sense of fashion.

Culture is an important tool in fashion, because of artistic crusades, state of the art inventions, and modernization affiliates lifestyle choice and trends. Notably, the association between consumer lifestyle, fashion shift and culture is the structure that expounds about the changing fashion world (Batchelor, 2009). Thus, an individual should be aware of the issues that will impact the society due to the social-cultural norm of living. Development of new trends and styles is determined by various main sources which include high culture, pop culture, and low culture. Contrarily, the cultures are self-dependent, influence each other's development and they affect the environmental development of trends and styles positively.

On the other hand, fashion also has a role in the culture, since clothing represents culture and beliefs. There are various reasons that affect the type of clothing s worm by different civilizations. Some of the notable factors include region, climate, belief, and gender. Besides, time is also a significant determinant in the type of clothing chosen by different civilizations. Although fashion changes at a very fast rate, various types of clothing are considered more than just ordinary clothes since these types of clothings retain their connection with the cultures that crafted them( Batchelor, 2009). For example, a billowing white toga is linked with the high culture art of work portray contempt towards low culture art. On the other hand, individuals associating with low culture art express disdain towards high culture art before, the definitions of the cultural levels are subjective, since both extreme sents of good and bad quality. The notable difference between the two culture, high culture art classified solely for aesthetic reasons, while the low culture art is classified for spiritual or cultic ideas. For example, Rhonda Byrne's authored book, The Secret showcased allow culture product. Moreover, the book consisted of more connotations and spiritual elements than most contemporary creations of high arts (Sontag, 2001). Among the notable mergers of the high and low arts works is the capability of copying an existing high culture product. The copying is concluded through turning the high culture product into a low culture or product, for example, copying the picture of Monalisa on a T-Shirt. Various artists experience both levels of culture through creating pieces that comprise of high and low culture elements (Sontag, 2001)


There is minimal or no precise answer on where and how to differentiate between the high culture and the low culture. On both cultures the connotations are found on similar sides of the spectrums. a work of art employs elements from both low and high art culture; however, the status lacks confirmation based on social responses. The only difference between the high and the low culture is based on public perception. What matters is maintaining the independence of consciousness.


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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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