Hidden Figures Movie Analysis

In the beginning of the movie “Hidden Figures,” three women who are the leading roles appeared together. So at the beginning, we know each character’s name and job. It is not a stiff description, for example, some movies reveal the background information by putting up a subtitle or narrating by a third person. In this movie, we can know everything such as the historical background through this opening scene with four-person conversation.

When the police is approaching these three black women, we can see that the 3 women are feeling afraid and dangerous because they do not belong here.

The policeman is white, and they are black. So it is like setting a tone for the Civil Rights Movement about what blacks people are going through. After the policeman knowing their job in NASA, he became much more friendly to them. There is a detail which the police looks up into the sky, symbolizes his change in attitude and respect.

As audience, we are able to understand how important and pungent the space is for the entire country at that time.

In total, this scene does three thing: the first one is setting up their character; the second one is to know what their personality are; the last one is to clarify the time, putting the audience into the social context.  This movie is successful because ti does not make the audience feel exaggerated and inaccessible.

Hidden Figures doesn’t try to push many artistic boundaries, but it tells its story so well that it doesn’t really have to.

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The film also avoids the most glaring missteps of historical movies that deal with race: at no point does it try to give viewers the impression that racism has been “solved,” and its white characters exist on a constantly shifting spectrum of racial enlightenment.

What’s more, the film’s straightforward presentation belies its fairly radical subject matter. Without misleading the audience, this film only focused on the story itself instead of some personal thoughts, so there is right or wrong for this story. As Ghose reveals in her article, “David Neil Rapp, a cognitive psychologist at Northwestern University, has found that when people are told stories that include facts they know are wrong, such as ‘the capitol of Illinois is Chicago,’ they will use that wrong knowledge on a quiz given afterward.”

After watching the movie, I do not feel that I can be biased by the plot of the movie, and I do not think the director is trying to tell us how the race and gender discrimination is like in the society. The movie is just showing the experience of the three women in their work place and how they solve their own problem.

Overall, Hidden Figure is a really successful and informative movie. There are many detail and symbolization which let the audience think through the experience of three black women in Virginia in1961.

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