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Here We Aren't, So Quickly

At such a young age, a person’s character unfolds according to the moralities to which they are being enforced on. However, as humans encounter different surroundings, their personalities change and usually shape the person they will turn out to be. In Here We Aren’t, So Quickly, Love is Blind and Deaf, and The Sixth Borough, Jonathan Foer offers an insight on the effect cultural, physical, and geographical surroundings have in a character’s psychological traits.

Jonathan Foer’s profound words depict the complexity of a human being through characters’ experiences.

He vividly describes the domino effect every character faces as their actions lead to their status in the present, as well as the existence of everyone who surrounds them.

Marriage is the wonderful tied between two people who love each other unconditionally. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last for everyone. The work of “Here We Aren’t, So Quickly,” recognizes that sometimes as people age and grow together, something changes in the relationship leaving it in a pile of mixed emotions.

Foer’s story alternates between two perspectives- the husband and the wife. The welcoming of their first child changed their relationship to a never-ending of agony, fear, and idiosyncrasies. Symbolically, the baby was the ideal “beginning” of a new life for this family; love, warmth, and open-mindedness. However, it turned out to be the reason for the altering of their lifestyle. Throughout this story, psychological surroundings were present as the management of the couple’s household was the central drift between their lives.

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“I hated the gnawing longing that accompanied having everything.

We were learning to see each other’s blindnesses. I Googled questions that I couldn’t ask you or doctors,” expressed the confused husband. Fear seemed to be cracking the husband’s weakest points, spreading indifference like a virus. Just like the husband, his wife was also experiencing a huge shift in her personality. “You were not depressed, but you were unhappy,” was closely observed by her husband. The couple’s relationship was quickly changing for the worse as they were finding it hard to adapt to the new dynamics as parents.

This is a concern for most families as they question if the arrival of a newborn child will ensure a perfect future. As time passes by, humans fall in a set of possibilities trying to mend all the moments that could’ve happened if they would have just made the right choices. Although there is never an option to turn back the clock and change the decisions we made, there is the choice to look for the bright side and move forward with our lives.

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