Health is the greatest wealth

"Health is Wealth"

Health means state of being well in body or mind. Wealth means riches or being rich. So what is more important health or wealth? Clearly health is superior parameter over wealth. But how to be healthy. You have to eat healthy food. Where from these healthy food will come at this market condition. Straight way from money. Again we have reached on wealth. So we can see one is running cbehind other in a circular path. But only money is not important for being healthy.

Peace and happiness is also attached for being healthy. So what does it means? The more wealth and more happiness cannot lead to good health. But sufficient wealth and sufficient happiness and peace can result healthiness. So the proverb is justified that "health is wealth". And wealth is not health but a parameter of health. Without money you cannot recover health. Try to earn some money for your health. So, do not spoil your health for earning more wealth.

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All of us are very much familiar with the proverb "Health is Wealth". But it is very unfortunate that we always remain attached very much to acquire wealth. Attached word is not justified, actually maximum of us are at a state of madness to achieve and satisfy our hunger of money. Health is not cared while dealing one`s target of becoming rich. It is only taken as a subject of life when one starts loosing health and enters into home of illness. Until this stage money was coming smartly and after becoming ill money starts to drain out.

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Net result becomes zero on monitory basis and negative on the scale of "Health is Wealth". That means there should be a balance of putting our life business. Health is above all priorities.

Nobody would deny the importance of health. If a person suffers from any disorder, his mind suffers with it and he is not be able to make much progress in career, in getting knowledge and so on. Besides, people with bad health are unfit to person required duties in social and family life.

Secrets of Good Health

One of the most essential lows of health is perfect cleanliness. Taking a bath or having a shower every day is a must. Because the human skin is full of minute pores, cells, blood vessels and nerves. It should always be clean because it breathes the way the lungs do. Besides, it's always very pleasant to look at one who is tidy and clean. That's why there should be an indisputable rule for everyone: to keep one's skin clean, to brush the teeth thoroughly, to have the hair neatly combed, the finger-nails in order.

Then a person should keep in his mind that a constant supply of pure fresh air is one of the main conditions for having a good health. But unfortunately, the ecological situation in many reasons is threatening, that's why people should go to the countryside for the fresh air as often as they can.

Everybody should keep in his mind that exercises warm, invigorate and purify the body. The best way of getting exercises is to engaged in some work that's useful and at the same time interesting to the mind. Some people work very late. And they continue working at home. Late hours are very harmful to the health because they exhaust the nervous system. People should keep to the following principle: "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"

What and how much people eat is also a great importance. Our body is continually wasting and needs to be repaired by fresh substance that's why food should be taken with due regard to the exercise and waste of the body. I can give you some pieces of advice how to eat in the right way, be moderate in eating: don't overeat, never swallow your food wholesale and abstain from everything that intoxicates, always remember about the evils of intemperance of alcohol.

Taking into consideration all things mentioned above we must remember that moderation in eating and drinking, reasonable hours of labor and study, regular exercises, rest, cleanliness lay the foundations for food, health and long life. But, unfortunately, in real life many people can't or don't want to keep his health in perfect condition for this or that reason. This fact results in shortened longevity of people. Human health is a fragile structure, influenced by many inner and outer factors. That's why it should be permanently taking care of.

People suffer from different disease starting with the common cold, flu, mumps, insomnia, nose-bleed, dandruff, hiccup and from the more serious one's sick as heart-attacks, strokes, cancer and AIDS. Many people think that the common old isn't a very serious disease, but they are mistaken because in every case of being ill-cold viruses weaken the immune system. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the common cold as so far because cold viruses are every changing and there is a great variety of them.

Some people don't pay much attention to minor elements until they became chronic ones. Then, these people go to see the doctor, complain, spend a lot of time and money for medical treatment and, if there is luck, recover. The others prefer not to get ill at all and so take preventive measures by attending fitness clubs, eating healthy food and spending their holidays in mountain camps or by the rivers. This sort of life-style is cheaper and becomes more and more popular.

Sport Is the Key to Good Health

Fitness, no doubt, wins the battle with medical clinics, as not to lose health is better than to lose and find again. If you decided to join a fitness club or gym, you should consider many things, connected with the following questions: Are the instructors qualified? Is there someone on hand who knows how to give the first aid? Are the facilities clean? Is the equipment well maintained? Is the staff pleasant and helpful? Fitness in general is for everyone; children, men and women of all ages, but you should always consult your doctor before undertaking any exercise problem. Those people, who can't effort attending fitness club for this or that reason may jog in the morning or to go to a swimming pool at least once a week.

Even if a person is healthy there is no guaranty that he might fall ill or his relatives or his friends might fall ill, that's why we all should know how to help or to deliver the first aid.

Knowledge of How to Provide First Aid Can Save Health

First aid is terribly important and you can save lives if the right action is taken. If someone isn't breathing, you must give them artificial respiration. If the person is bleeding, the bleeding must be stopped. Medical help must of course be sought and someone must decide whether the victim can be taken to hospital, or whether, given the nature of their particular accident, the victim should be left alone.

On the subject of burns, for example, some people put cream or grease or butter on, and this in fact makes the burn hotter. If it is a minor burn, the best thing to do is put the burnt area under the cold tap, or slowly pour on iced water. This should be done for about ten minutes, and it stops the heat from spreading. However, if it's a bad burn, a third-degree burn, don't touch it; you really should get for this kind of burn expert help immediately. Cover the burn very lightly with something clean like a sheet or a handkerchief and then go straight to a hospital.

In road accidents first of all you should check that the victims are breathing. I mean if they're not, give artificial respiration. The most common injuries in car accidents in fact are fractures and bleeding, so the second thing to do is stop the bleeding. Thirdly very important, don't move the victim unless it's absolutely necessary. I mean, if any bones are broken, the injury could be made much worse by moving the victim. You should keep them warm, loosen any tight clothing, and try to reassure them. They'll probably be suffering from shock, so just stay with them until expert help arrives.

In everyday life if you have a headache, heartache, toothache, backache, earache or bad pain in the stomach, if you complain of a sore throat or a bad cough, if you run a high temperature and have a bad cold in your head, or if you suffer from a high or low blood pressure, you should consult a doctor.

The doctor will examine your throat, feel your pulse, test your blood pressure, take your temperature, sound your heart and lungs, test your eyes, check your teeth or have your chest X-rayed. After that he will prescribe some treatment, pills, tablets or some other medicine which you can buy at the chemist's. He will recommend you to stay in bed for some time, because there might be serious complications. The only thing you have to do is to follow his recommendations.

Nowdays it becomes more and more popular to use herbal remedy or holistic medicine in treating different disease. The advantage of herbal medicine is that it does not contain any chemical ingredients, thus, it may be applied to almost everyone with few restrictions.

As for the holistic medicine in terms of health care it means looking at the whole body, the whole person when it comes to treating people. Modern medicine treats the symptoms and not the course of the illness. Drugs and surgery can remove the symptoms, but not the course. Besides, holistic medicine takes into account not only symptoms, but also the age, habits, motions and life-style of the individual and tries to built an overall picture. Holistic medicine doesn't prescribe drugs because it tries to prevent illness because prevention is better then cure.

A good diet with lots of fresh food, not processed food with its preservatives and chemicals is essential; a health life style without too much pressure and worry about and lots of exercise and rest, not to much, not to little-these are the things that will prevent illness.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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