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Has Entertainment Taken Over Society?

Has Entertainment Taken Over Society?

Entertainment has provided society with an escape from reality, which at times may be very stressful and chaotic. Fast entertainment is the center of everyone’s day, maybe its music, television, internet, or your cell phone. We are all seeking and craving entertainment all throughout the day. Entertainment today has become a skyrocket business. Mostly everything in our lives has something to do with entertainment. Certain forms of entertainment have overtaken the lives of society as a whole and it seems all morality has been lost and sucked into this world of entertainment.

The question I have been asking myself is, has entertainment taken over society? A lot of people think entertainment is not harming too society in any way, but I have many reasons why I think society could be better if we didn’t rely so much on entertainment.

As Craig Watkins writes in the essay, fast entertainment and multitasking in an always-on world, “like fast food, fast entertainment is easy to get, all around us, and typically cheap, but not always good for you.

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” (Watkins 143) Entertainment, especially things like social media, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, definitely have the capacity to somewhat ruin society. People, especially teens, spend far too much time on the computer and other electronic devices. We spend upon hours scrolling through social media networks, downloading music, emailing, playing games, and many other things, we don’t realize what is even around us anymore. Our eyes are so drawn into our phones, or computers, we barely even socialize with each other anymore.

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When walking around at the mall, work, or at a college campus, every person has a cell phone out texting, playing a game, or on social media sites, instead of paying attention to the world around them. Cell phones are not just a privilege in people’s lives anymore but have become a necessity in order for people to function on a daily basis. Cell phones have many advantages, but the amount of time people spend on their cellphones is ruining face to face communication which is so important. Face to face communication is becoming almost non-existent in todays society.

Talking in person has become an option, instead of a norm. Sending a text is much easier than having to walk into the next room to hold a conversation with that person, we can all agree, but is that always the
right thing to do? Everything that can be said in person can now be said in a text message with a completely different emotion than what you are really feeling. Watkins writes in his essay, “In just nine months iPhone users downloaded more than one billion applications, many from categories like games, music, and entertainment. Apples iPod and iPhone made it convenient and cool to carry our entre inventory of media and entertainment in our pocket.” (Watkins 143) Like they advertise, there is an app for everything. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we are so attached to our phones. Phones have everything you possibly need just a click away. People are missing out on the little things in life due to the attachment of their phones. When I was growing up as a child, I had all the attention in the world. My mother always put my brothers and I first, career second and entertainment third.

Parents in today’s society now have so many other things to play with, and they are putting entertainment first. Take my brother, Garett as an example. He is a 25 year old single dad, and most of his attention is all towards his cell phone, or the current show on television instead of focusing all his attention on his daughter, Kyndal. When I go out to eat, I look around me and see many families eating together and the children playing with their food, making messes because the parents don’t pay any attention to them. Their eyes are on their cell phones because it’s so easy to just forget about what is important and focus on what is new on the internet. Studies have shown that most average Americans, whether it is children, teenagers, or adults, watch television as soon as they come home from their day’s activities. Humans need a way to vent and be able to relax when they get too exhausted, so they go straight to the couch and turn on the television. Watching television isn’t a bad thing if you don’t do it for more than a couple hours a day, but in today’s society, what’s advertised on television isn’t always a good thing to watch. A lot of children and teens are being allowed to watch provocative shows with sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence, just because it is so easy to get their hands on it. For example, the Bad Girls Club will always be hype in the media world. Yelling, screaming, fighting, and all the confrontation makes for a great television show.

This show focuses on seven women from all over the country that come together to a destination called “the Bad Girls Club,” where they are put in a mansion and engage in endless nights of partying and fighting. The girls who are on the show are selected because of their negative behavior, and their no care in the world attitude. Glamorizing their behavior on television makes other people think its okay to behave in such a terrible manner. There are so many negative shows and movies out in the world today that puts the wrong idea in many heads.

“Young people are media rich. They own music players, computers, mobile phones, TV’s, and game consoles. Young people’s media environment is like a kid who wakes up one day and finds himself in a candy store.” (Watkins 145) This quote out of the essay “fast entertainment and multitasking” couldn’t be any truer. Kids, teens, and even adults want anything and everything that is popular in the world today, that’s what makes us consumers. With all the media today and all the new technology coming out, it takes a toll on our creativity. Growing up, I always wanted to play outside, build sand castles, or play hide and seek with my friends. But today, all we want is on our phones, or other technology we own because that’s what is popular right now. Spending too much time in front of cell phones, laptops, and games can harm our physical growth in the long run.

When children read a book or participate in social activity with friends, the information is processed in different ways then watching something from a screen. In today’s world, I don’t think we should have to own everything out there in the media. We need to focus on what’s important in the long run, not what’s important right now. As time goes on, and our generation doesn’t stop their “addiction” to convenient electronics, there’s no telling what will happen in the future. Consumers are all about easy. If something isn’t simple or user-friendly, what is the point of having it? It’s safe to say fast entertainment has taken over in our society today, and it has a huge effect on how we act towards others. With having an app for everything you would ever need in the world, who wouldn’t want to sit on their phones all day, or lie around and watch a television show about crazy girls living in a house making fools of themselves. It’s pure entertainment, but it’s not healthy. In today’s world, entertainment has the capacity to ruin society, because entertainment today is run by electronics, and we forget that there is a whole world to experience outside of our entertainment.

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