"Harrison Bergeron" Book Reflection

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The government of 2081 claims that society has finally reached total and complete equality, however what they don’t realize is that they just made everybody the same. In this story, some people bare more handicaps than others because they might be better at something, which isn’t fair to them. Everyone has something that they excel in and those people deserve to share their uniqueness, not shadow it with handicaps. For example, one of the ballerinas in this story was an exceptional dancer but because she was so good, she bore three hundred pounds in weight just to make her the same as all the other dancers.

Harrison Bergeron was so intelligent that he had to wear massive headphones to stop his thoughts plus, he had a plethora of other handicaps too. That is not what true equality is, handicaps are just a way of destroying creativity and talent. Equality is when everyone has they same privileges and options as another person, no matter their race, gender or any other type of way to discriminate against somebody, everyone is equal.

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What this government has created is sameness. Everyone has the same level of thinking, they all have the same habits and no one can stand out in anyway. These handicaps are taking the special out of different people. Without being different, there is no originality or new ideas, life would be extremely bland. If this happened to our society, I think most people would react negatively, but some might like the idea.

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I think people who have a low self-esteem would buy into this idea because they wouldn’t have to compete with others and have to tell themselves they aren’t special, even though they really are. Eventually, someone like Harrison would come around to enlighten everybody about how being different is a good thing. Those people would prove to society that they are who they are for a reason, because being human means to be different. Nobody should be the same, because if they were, there would be no one else to clash ideas with, to share hobbies with and to create new things. Most people don’t realize how colorful the world is because of our differences.

All they see is someone who they want to be or have to be, but the reality is you are you. Everybody is perfect just who they are, and that is the real beauty in society.

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"Harrison Bergeron" Book Reflection

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