Happiest memory Essay

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Happiest memory

I was given a chance to visit the Himalayas, to one of the concealed places in the province where a panoramic view was preserved. It was very provincial and solemn. Its coniferous and subtropical forests, wetlands, and montane grasslands are as much a part of this world as the inhospitable, frozen mountaintops that tower above. The mountains were the wrinkles of age and pimples of youth on Earth’s crusty outer skin. They rose up as the crust collides, cracks, crumbles, folds, and spews. They dominated their surroundings with towering height. I clearly remember when I was on my way there that the emerald shade produced by the different kinds of trees were smiling and alluring me to join them.

However, what I first saw was just superficial compared to its hidden beauty awaiting me, as I explored the place, especially when I went around the surrounding area where the sun ate away the darkness. Since it was miles away from the city, I had to climb up the mountain. But, as I finally reached its zenith, I could step on the fogs as they rose going up to the sky and formed as clouds; I could feel that I was on the top of the world, thus the cold dewdrops touched my toes as they dispersed and went along with the air.

After a while, I didn’t know that I still had to clamber down to finally reach another astonishing place. From there, I stayed in my grandfather’s ancestral house. Nearby, I could see the hills planted with rice. Their fronds were swaying and dancing as the wind blew. Some were brimming with the golden yellow grains ready to harvest. At the backyard, an array of different trees weighed down with copious fruits that were mouthwatering. On the other side, were bountiful vegetables watered with love and care. These plants were within a reach which served as our everyday food.

The tour guide took me to one part of their place which truly took my breath away; to my surprise, they let me ride at the back of their _Carabao_‎, thus, I felt the tail of it at as it swung from side to side. As I got there, I was amazed at what I saw! The river was crystal clear; the pebbles were like diamonds that glittered in the water. I even felt like bathing in the river and it felt good knowing that the river was unpolluted. I didn’t even see any moss nor trash, instead just dried leaves falling from the trees that surrounded it, but I was oblivious as to where the water took the leaves as they swam away from my sight.

Furthermore at night, the place was covered with darkness since there was no electricity in the place, however, thanks to the moonlight, for it lit the entire place, plus the flashing lights of fireflies were everywhere providing at least a little bit of glow that made the night more beautiful. Gazing upon the sky, I was struck by the darkness of the night, darker than smeared charcoal, small splashes of gold glittering here and there as if an artist had brazenly attempted to light it without aim; smoky grey clouds deteriorate under the florescent silver beams of the moon, as if they were shadows to be banished. The stars were like diamonds illuminated in the sky thus making me realise how spectacular the place was. For me, it was really the best place I have ever been.

Whatever I experienced from that place will be kept in my heart and memory forever because I know that it is probably the last time I will see that place as beautiful and conserved as it was. I hope that the people living there will continually take good care of their environment as much as they care and value themselves. My heart pounds and shrieks with some strong attachment as I feel as if there is a powerful force in my soul clinging and digging itself into the mountain, urging me not to let go. I believed that I was protected by the wings of nature and as if I was away from the demands of the mortal world.

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