Hamlet's Character Changes

Hamlet is a key important character in the book “Hamlet”. He is talked about many and represents the book as a whole. Hamlet shows too people that he has multiple dimensions of a human being. Everyone understands him personally rather than an enemy. The strange things is his nature towards to the other people. He doesn’t really have a lot of friends but only a few people like him. One of his friend Horatio is believed to love him unconditionally.

The one thing is that he is crowned the champion of Denmark the people’s hero. Horatio describes him as angry, depressed while being enthusiastic and energetic. He is also a man who loves himself and his actions. Hamlet is an bright thinker who accepts that me must deal with life mostly on his own terms.

Hamlet traits of a tragic hero in literature, particularly in terms of how he possesses a tragic flaw is quite amazing. The fact that Hamlet’s best trait is also his weakness makes him a great candidate for a tragic hero and in fact, makes him one of the most tragic figures in the works of Shakespeare in general.

Prince Hamlet is a gentle, deep-thinking, loving, and loyal man. He is not only intelligent but also appreciative of where he stands, and is aware around him. He is a decent soul, well-liked by those close to him. As an only child, he is burdened with tears after the death of his father, King Hamlet.

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In all tragedies the main character suffers and dies at the end. But Prince Hamlet is example of a great Shakespeare’s tragic hero. A tragic hero much not only be disliked but must have free will and also have the courage to be brave and noble.

Hamlet has many kind and brave characteristics, this is why he is a tragic hero. Hamlet’s promise to avenge his father’s death makes him kind because loyalty is part of routine, one of the main aspects of being noble. Also, Hamlet is very brave. Hamlet also has free will and is very intelligent. A tragic hero must have free will or his fate would be decided for him, and his death could be avoided. The tragic defeat of Hamlet was shown to him in his father’s ghost’s dream. His father told him that he was murdered by his uncle. In this scene, the defects are reflected in Hamlet’s behavior and are realizations. His revenge and obsession with death the only think he can think about.

In the third act, Hamlet has a knife in the head of his uncle Claudius, but could not attack him. He also shows refinement of spirit when he thinks Claudius is a drunk. He takes what he knew after finding out that his mother quickly married Claudius right after he was killed. He did not like this so as a hero took this matter into his own hands! Therefore he wrote a script about Claudius’ reaction and about his guilt. Even after judging that Claudius murdered his father’s crime, he still couldn’t fight back. So thinking back he is showed for his braveness and makes sure he did what his father did and will eventually take over his legacy. Hamlet takes no for an answer and clearly shows it after finding out the death of his father. He will always be remembered as a hero and when reading more there will me a lot more information on how he becomes a true legend and hero.

As a hero may have struggles including Hamlet. He is dealt with many setbacks and needs ways to overcome these tragedies. The most important set back his he feels a responsibility to avenge his father’s murder by his uncle Claudius even though Claudius is now the king and is well protected. Therefore, Hamlet struggles with his knowledge about whether he can trust the ghost and whether killing Claudius is the appropriate thing to do. The ghost says to Hamlet and tells him to revenge his murder; Hamlet continues his madness to his intentions. Instead Hamlet passes up the opportunity to kill Claudius while he is praying. Another struggle he faces is the love from his mother. After finding out she married Claudius he is beyond speechless. Hamlet truly loves his mother; on the other, he hates her for marrying her husband’s brother and so soon after his father’s death.

Her actions brought her in the eyes of hamlet. He just couldn’t understand why a mother who he loved so much would do this to him and the family. He soon will have to see what he can to solve this problem. Later in the book I believe he will do something to Claudius. Another thing he deals with bad is dealing with Ophelia’s betrayal. He loves her but is devastated by her behavior her actions in refusing to keep his love of affection and her unwillingness to be honest with him shows her betrayal. For all of this, he reacts violently and cruelly, only to find out later that he has made a big mistake. To me those are the most important struggles he deals with. Hamlet life keeps jumping from one thing to another brining so much pressure to him. Pressure is the overall problem he has to face and has to think of how to fix it. Finally since he can’t trust anyone anymore he has to find how he can become a hero and prove everyone wrong.

Hamlet’s change from a peaceful to an evil man is shown through his anger over his situation, his wanting revenge, and his determination to finally get what he wants. Hamlet’s peaceful life was flipped upside down very quickly. Another point is Hamlet’s character has evolved from someone who is depressed into someone with a deeper depression who lacks confidence and is even scared. Before Hamlet knew that he wanted to kill his uncle to take back his father’s death. He is now unsure if killing Claudius is even a good idea and is worried about the consequences of it.

Overall Hamlet’s character has become significantly worse than before. Some reasons as too why people read this is that it’s a revenge drams. People love to read those type of books. Also the suspense on knowing his next plan. For the first 3 acts I really wanted to know what his next plan was and that made me want to read further. Also Shakespeare is a very famous author people admire his work and Hamlet is one of the best books he has ever written. Overall its really neat to see how he overcomes his plot and hope to see what the ending is. Shakespeare is an author that knows how to evolve characters and keep people in the world of guessing what happens next .

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