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The business’s ability to deliver the services to the customer will improve the competitive position. The word of mouth advertising of satisfied customers will be invaluable. Local competition will come from various sources. One thing to note is many hair stylists often work from business to business at different times which affects the business’s ability to generate a steady clientele. This analysis is as follows: Competitor 1? located on the main street in Fort Frances and offers a wide array of hair salon services.

Competitor 2? centrally located in Fort Frances has very limited space to deliver hair tiling services. Competitor 3? located in Memo, the business has large service space and established Competitor 4? Small independently-owned home business has small clientele. Competitor 5? Located in downtown Fort Frances, offers wide-array of hair and personal services. High taxes and overhead costs mean higher prices for services. Competitor 6? New business offers array of esthetics services. Competitor 7? Located in downtown business district, offers wide array of hair care services for men and women.

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High taxes and overhead costs mean higher prices for services. Competitor 8? Established business located in business district in Fort Frances. High taxes and overhead costs mean high prices for services. Competitor 9? Relatively new business offers array of hair care services. Competitor 10? Sells wide array of personal grooming supplies. Competitor 11 ? Sells shampoo, and hair care and grooming products. 9. 0 TRENDS MARKET Principal is aware of trends which are emerging within the industry and the current practices. ! There is a significant increase in the growth of Aboriginal business.

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The business will incorporate numerous marketing strategies such as word-of-mouth, print advertising, and competitive pricing. The location of the business will be situated where there is convenient access for customers who wish to utilize the business’s services and products. A business sign will be located above the business’s entrance and be clearly visible from the street which will enhance the awareness of the business in the area. The marketing effort will focus on developing an immediate message and awareness to potential customers.

Promotion will incorporate various forms of print advertising geared towards getting the business’s message of its services and operations out to its potential target market. The business will commit $1,500 annually to its advertising and marketing efforts. The following briefly describes each method: ! The business will place an advertisement in the yellow pages of the area telephone directory. This will enable the business to reach a large number of potential clients in the target market area, as new telephone directories are issued every year to each household with a telephone. The business will periodically place an advertisement ? which details the This will provide the business with another outlet to reach its projected clientele via mass media. The business will print up flyers to be inserted in the Tribal First Nation newsletter which is distributed to the entire community. There is no cost for this promotion. ! The business will incorporate the word-of-mouth of satisfied customers to reach other potential clients in the target market area. ! The business will notify previous clientele of staff. The business has the capacity to operate approximately 250 days per year.

The business will operate Tuesday through Saturday on a regular eight hour business day, opening at 9 a. M. And closing at 5 p. . The business will extend hours of operations during different seasons where business activity is greater. The principal will ensure the business is operating at the designated hours. This will enable customers to become familiar with the operations schedule. The staff will start each day off by preparing the business facility and equipment for daily operations, and ensuring the facility is clean and presentable. The business will open precisely at 9 a. M. ACH day. The staff will review the appointment book to review the schedule, and begin planning the days activities. If there are any inventory supplies required, the staff will place calls to suppliers at this time. The business will operate on the basis of offering the best hair salon services available by utilizing high-performance, low-maintenance equipment, high quality salon products, and highly-skilled salon professionals. Customers can schedule appointments over the telephone, or walk-in. Any questions or suggestions customers have will be treated with all seriousness by the staff.

The most important aspect of the business is the ability to deliver the services in the most professional manner possible. Staff will be courteous, helpful, and respectful at all times. Customers will enter the business through the main entrance. The staff will hang up the customer’s outer garments, if requested, as they come in. The staff will lead the client to the waiting area until all preparations are made to serve the customer. The staff will try to make the client feel as comfortable as possible. The staff will then perform the service which the customer requested.

If, at any time during the client’s visit, the customer requests an additional service, the business will accommodate the customers, schedule permitting. The staff will closely monitor the level of business activity over the course of the business day to determine which time customers most often frequent the facility in an effort to evaluate the hours of operation to better suit the needs of the customers. A list of supplies to order at the beginning of the next days business. The principal will monitor inventory, complete bookkeeping and banking requirements, and maintain the business’s financial statements.

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Hair salon business plan
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