Grit Test Essay

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Grit Test

I guess according the test I am a extremely “Gritty” individual. It states that I am grittier than 80% of the American Populous. I guess I can attribute that to my military experiences. I will now do my do diligence in answering the question on the lab sheet.

Question 1) what difference does age has in your ability to be persistent? I think age has nothing to do with being determined or persistent. It is an inherent trait that is taught. You must learn to not fear and use the emotion to your advantage, and your drive. Question 2) Does it matter how long your attention span is? I think it does, you must learn to focus to succeed in anything, and in today’s society that is discerning and I am concerned. Question 3) Does labeling something as “fun” and “easy” matter to your perception of how long and well you could persist on project? No I prefer a good challenge and I enjoy working on project that are challenging.

Question 4) If you take pride in your work, do you think you’d persist longer than if you were self-critical. I don’t think I would do as well, if I cared about popularity. I handle my project as a mission and I am mission orientated.

Question 5) What about your ability to delay gratification? How might that impact your ability to be persistent? How is the ability to delay gratification related to maturity. How is it related to self-control? How is it related to self- control? How is persistence different from self-control? I am very good at delaying gratification, because of my military training to be “Companionably Dis-Passionate.” I really think that this question is irreverent to me. I also think it has nothing to do with matuarity, because I know a lot of 40 year old people that act like they are 12. Self-control is a learned inherent traits, that is taught though discipline and self-pride and determination.

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