Greed For Power In Macbeth

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Themes are fundamental in any book, and through a critical analysis of the same, one would be able to understand the book even better. The central theme in Macbeth is that of corruption. In the storyline, it is evident that there are various cases of corruption that disturb the area. However, it should be noted that the corruption that exists, in this case, is one who is involved with power. There are traces to corrupting power of the unchecked ambitions (Bentley 73).

For instance, Macbeth has been described as a courageous general who most often is eager to commit evil deeds against the people. The evil that is perpetrated towards his subjects is just immense, and mainly, this is as a result of the power that has corrupted his mind. It can be seen how he kills Duncan, and surprisingly, he stews in paranoia and guilt.

The driving force behind the characters of Macbeth and can be described as greed for power, too much ambition, and acts of murder.

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In as much as the two are villains, it is vital to note that they become so in entirely different means. Macbeth needs help from his wife for him to perpetrate evil, which he undoubtedly succeeds to do. Even so, it is through their lust for power and too much ambition that they end up becoming villains (Spurgeon 155). The characters of these Macbeth highlights the fact that evil men may come in different ways, but in the end, their operation is placed at the same level, while outside forces also drive them.

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The driving factor for their character is majorly based on their needs, which sometimes may be at the expense of their subject’s lives. A critical analysis of the character, Macbeth reveals that the man is a villain since they have too much ambition that comes with lust for power.

Shakespeare uses greed for power to arouse the evil nature that is within the personalities of Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth. Both of them are ruthless killers of their subjects, and while making the killing, they do so without a trial. Deep down their hearts, they have been portrayed to be having a conscience of guilt. They both understand that what they are doing is wrong, but out of their lust for power, they have to do it. Macbeth says that he is so far in sin, to the extent that sin would pluck on sin.

On the other hand, Macbeth acknowledges the fact that he has killed several people (Campbell 58). He says that he is in blood and that he has stepped quite far that he would not be able to wade any further. Macbeth and has also been highlighted as someone who would kill his cronies just because they need something. They murder even those whom they trust or those who trust in them. Additionally, the two characters develop too much suspicion after they get power. This action within them is the first reason as to why they choose to act violently in attempts to protect themselves. Both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have therefore come together, acting in the same capacity to perpetuate evil (Campbell 38). For instance, this can be seen in the case of Richard when he wanted to murder his nephew, and Macbeth when he thought of killing his son Fleance. Shakespeare also links the greed for power with the thirst for ambition, which is shown by the two characters. With such a lethal combination, Shakespeare succeeds in revealing the frailty of human beings. From Richard side, his thirst for ambition is manifested through various systems of bad behavior. When he goes ahead to convince Ann into marriage, he is seen to have boasted about the fact that he will have her, but he would not keep her long . He is also manipulative, especially when he needs to please his ego.

Just as the husband, gradually, Lady Macbeth develops a lust for the throne, and this they try to fight for together, while oppressing the people even further. As it has been illustrated, murder has been used as the primary weapon with which the two leaders use to get what they want. For example, Macbeth kills Banquo, Duncan, Lady Macduff and her son (Bentley 48). While murder is quite a sinful thing, the killing of innocent young children is something unfathomable, but which they both did freely. At the end of it all, the story of Macbeth and his wife does not end up quite well. Through this storyline, it is evident that Shakespeare tries to elaborate on how individuals with greed for the throne may do everything to maintain it but at the end of the day, they would come down falling. Macbeth is an illustration of the kings who would do anything including evil to ensure that they remain on the throne, and this he does it with lots of vigor.

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