Graduation and Valedictorian Speech

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We’re meeting here today one final time as a class to celebrate the end of our high school lives, and the beginning of our new ones. We walked into this room as the Class of 2012, and although we may always remember ourselves as that, tomorrow marks the day when a common bond we all share is broken. We will be leaving high school for good. We will all travel different paths, make different choices, and live different lives. The choices that we make and the paths that we take will have a great impact on us.

No, I’m not talking about the decision to finally listen to your parents and take out the trash. I mean the decision to find a job, a career, a life that you will live, love, and be proud of.

However, finding such a thing won’t be easy. As I’m sure many of you are a little skeptical about some decisions you have already made.

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You may have declared a major you think you’re interested in at a college you think is right for you. You may have found a job that you could continue for a while. And some of you may have in fact found your place in the world. But I want you all to know–if you are totally unsure of what it is you’ll be doing after you leave this room today–that is completely okay. Nobody knows where they will end up in life.

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Life isn’t planned out for us. We will always have the choice to change everything in order to find the right place, the right job, the right life we want to live.

It’s never too late. Whether you are my age and graduating today or you’re 60 and a grandparent, the power to change not just your job, but your life, is and will always be within your reach. All you’ve got to do is find it. Choose to live life the way you want to instead of a life defined by what’s on TV or what other people expect from you. Live the way that makes you truly happy, and reach for your dreams. Ultimately, how you decide to deal with whatever life brings your way is completely up to you.

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Graduation and Valedictorian Speech

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